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20s & 30s Passover Guide 2012

by Rachel Solomon on behalf of The Network / March 23, 2012

How should you get ready for Passover this year? First, educated yourself with some fun, little-known Passover trivia. Then, find out about the amazing free resources that’ll help you host your own Seder. And finally, check out all the young-adult friendly Passover events and Seders taking place this year.


created at: 2012-03-231. In 1995, Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats did a Passover-themed episode where the characters re-enacted the biblical story of Exodus. At the time it aired, it was Nickelodeon’s most watched episode in history.


created at: 2012-03-232. Coca Cola is a kosher product. But, during Passover, its ingredients change to make it kosher for Passover. What’s different? No high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is derived from corn- a no-no grain if you follow the Ashkenazi Passover tradition of excluding kitniot.


created at: 2012-03-233. Passover is a gluten-free goldmine! People who observe a kosher Passvover don’t eat “chametz” (leavened grains), which is where gluten comes from. Therefore, Passover is pretty gluten-free friendly holiday-- aside from the matzo, which, though unleavened, it still has wheat.

created at: 2012-03-234. What’s better than ending Passover with a slice of pizza? Ending it with a Mimouna festival! Mimouna is a Moroccan Jewish tradition that celebrates the end of Passover with food, music, and socializing- and in Israel, it’s a national holiday. But you’re lucky to live in Boston because Prism is hosting a fantastic Mimouna event with Moroccan food, live music, communal art projects, henna and more! (Listed below!).  


created at: 2012-03-23Supplies
Don’t have a Seder plate, Kiddish cup, or a clue on how to lead your Seder? Fear not! Order your free Seder in a Box, and you’ll be hosting like a pro with everything you need in one nice little box!

created at: 2012-03-23Haggadah
The Haggadah tells the story of Passover, so it’s a must-have at any Seder table. Be sure to download and print’s free, customizable The Wandering is Over Haggadah for all of your guests. And if you you'd like a social justice theme mixed in, then download Seder with a Generous Helping of Social Justice:  The ReachOut! Haggadah!


created at: 2012-03-23Free Money
Need some extra cash to make an impressive Seder meal? If you’re Birthright alum, Birthright NEXT will reimburse you $12/person for up to 16 guests when you host on one of the first two nights of Passover (Friday, April 6th or Saturday, April 7th). Passover Seder grants filled up last year so sign up now!

created at: 2012-03-23Convo Starters
Passover is a holiday that invites discussion. After all, the Seder is built on asking a bunch of questions.  To help you inspire lively conversation, has created Election 2012-themed Supplemental Readings for your Seder.


The Haggadah: A Guidebook for Freedom
The Boston Synagogue
Cost: FREE - Registration is required.
March 25, 2012—04:30 PM to 06:00 PM
The Boston Synagogue, 55 Martha Road,
Boston, MA 02114
Join other young adults in a Passover discussion led by Getzel Davis, TBS’ Rabbinic Intern from Hebrew College. Enjoy wine, cheese & snacks! Read more.

Young Adult Model Matzah Bakery
The Chai Center of Brookline
Cost: $10.00 - Registration not required.
March 27, 2012—07:30 PM to 09:30 PM
The Chai Center of Brookline, 105 St. Paul Street,
Brookline, MA 02446
Participate in a hands-on demonstration of the many steps entailed in making handmade "Shmura" Matzah for the Passover Seder using a recipe over 3000 years old. Read more.

Introduction to Passover with Rabbi Rachel Silverman
Jewish Discovery Institute/USCJ
Cost: FREE - Registration is required.
March 28, 2012—07:30 PM to 09:00 PM
Congregation Kehillath Israel, 384 Harvard Street,
Brookline, MA 02446
Attending a seder (or even hosting one)? Considering eating kosher for Passover food this year? This class is for you! An introduction to Passover will help you prepare for the most widely celebrated, but perhaps most misunderstood, holiday we have. Read more.

JWC-Pre-Passover Evening- A TASTE OF PASSOVER - Craft, Study & Sample
Chabad Center at Chestnut Hill
Cost: $12.00 - Registration is required.
Before March 25th, 12.00$, after, 15$
March 28, 2012—07:30 PM to 10:30 PM
private home, upon rsvp,
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
This event is kosher.
Design your own Etch Glass & Beaded Cup of Elijah to grace your Seder table. Gear up for the season - organizational tips for the home. Sample Passover foods. Read more.

The Wolloch Haggadah
Rubin-Frankel Gallery
Cost: FREE - Registration not required.
April 03, 2012—06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
The Rubin-Frankel Gallery, 213 Bay State Road Boston, MA ,
Boston, MA 02215
The Haggadah is a collected work of blessings, prayers, and excerpts from the Bible, Mishnah, and Midrash. Commissioned by the Wolloch family, The Wolloch Haggadah is a compilation of 36 hand-printed original lithographs signed by the artists, illustrator David Wander and calligrapher Yonah Weinreb. Read more.

First Night Seder @ TBS
The Boston Synagogue
Cost: $55 for Young Pro's (20s&30s) & Students
April 06, 2012—06:30 PM to 10:00 PM
The Boston Synagogue, 55 Martha Road,
Boston, MA 02114
A vibrant, community-wide Seder with a few tables exclusively for Young Pros! Read more.

Young Adult Passover Seder
The Chai Center of Brookline
Cost: $36.00 - Registration is required.
$45 after March 28th
April 07, 2012—07:00 PM to 10:00 PM
The Chai Center of Brookline, 105 St. Paul Street,
Brookline, MA 02446
The story of Exodus comes alive through mystical meaning and Kabbalistic insights all explained through humor and melody by R.Mayshe Schwartz. Enjoy dinner and wine. Read more.

AJC Boston's 13th Annual Diplomats Seder
AJC Boston
Cost: $75.00 for 20s&30s - Registration is required.
April 01, 2012—05:30 PM to 09:00 PM
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Columbia Point,
Boston, MA 02125
Please join AJC Boston for the 13th Annual Diplomats Seder, as we share the timeless story of the triumph of liberty and religious freedom with diplomats from around the world, leaders from other communities and hundreds of other friends and neighbors. Read more.

Mimouna Celebration 2012
Co-Sponsors: American Islamic Congress
Cost: $30.00 - Registration is required.
April 15, 2012—07:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, South End,
Boston, MA 02118
A Moroccan post-Passover celebration with music, food, henna, and more. Read more.

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