November 25, 2015 / 13th of Kislev, 5776
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A Day in the Life of a Movie Extra

created at: 2011-11-07by Amy Mazur, JVS Staff

Most of the time I work. When my day job ends I turn to other (unpaid) efforts, such as taking care of my family and volunteering for various community organizations. While I really enjoy what I do, both in and outside the office, I rarely take a break.

I decided it was time to shake things up. To gain a new perspective that would take me out of my work mode.

Before I continue there’s something you should know about me: I’ve always wanted to be in a movie. I have no interest in being famous; I just want to see myself on the silver screen.

One day I thought it would be fun to sign up with Boston Casting, a local company that recruits movie extras. I posted my very basic contact information (no, I did not post my bra size, which they do ask for) and waited.

The call came several weeks later. Would I like to be an extra in an upcoming movie? It was Thursday. The shoot was scheduled for next Wednesday. I said yes.

I was looking forward to a break in my routine. For one day I would not have to plan, organize, lead, counsel, listen, administer or coordinate. I would not work. I would play.

For one day, I stepped into a world that was completely unlike my own. There were different rules, expectations and lots of new people. I happily went with the flow, met other extras, laughed, joked, talked, waited and laughed some more.

It was one of the most fun days of my life. And I did a lot of sitting around! I think it was so much fun because it was so out of the ordinary, and it introduced me to a world that I have no intention of inhabiting on a regular basis. I learned so much about myself and about others, about the world I am in every day, and about the world I am never in. I got to see things from a whole new vantage point, and I loved the adventure of it!

I am so happy I did it, and I would prescribe this medication to anyone who needs to shake things up. Not too much of a risk, but what a great return!

And I even made $116.99.

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