February 14, 2016 / 5th of Adar, 5776
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Expert Advice: Add Interests to Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your SEO

By Alyson Weiss, JVS Staff
Add Interests to Your LinkedIn Profile: Before writing this post, I was not a huge believer in the importance of the Interests section on LinkedIn. It always felt a little too personal, a little too Facebook, for such a professional platform.

I was convinced of its usefulness when I did an Advanced Search for people who have the keyword "social media" in their profiles in the Greater Boston Area to see my ranking. I came up number four in the original search. I viewed the profiles of the three above me, and all three of them listed social media in their Interests. When I followed suit, I ascended to the second result. I doubled how searchable I am with that easy fix.

To add Interests, go to Profile -> Edit Profile. Then scroll down the page until you find "Additional Info." Click on the little pencil icon next to "Interests" under "Additional Info" and add interests that display personality and that take advantage of its search engine optimization potential. Look up experts in your industry to see what interests they list and snag applicable ones for your own profile. It's not stealing; it's creative copying!

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