December 1, 2015 / 19th of Kislev, 5776
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My Social Media Summer Internship

by Jonas Rein, Intern

This summer I thought it would be good idea to explore my passion for marketing. I decided to intern at Career Moves @ JVS with Leah Berk, Social Media Specialist, who maintains the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Before the internship I was excited to learn about these social media websites, as I understood businesses were spending a lot of time marketing and advertising through them.

I spent a lot of time researching Facebook cause pages, which is a page on Facebook where non-profit organizations can raise awareness and donations. From researching other non- profits’ Facebook cause pages, I developed an in-depth marketing plan to improve Career Moves @ JVS’ fundraising efforts, which is vital for non-profit organizations. Not only did I learn a lot about many of the intricacies of these websites, but I also learned a lot about personal branding and job seeking, which is going to be a valuable skill to have in the future.

I was especially in awe of the effectiveness of the website LinkedIn, as prospective employees could effectively network to find a job. After joining the website I joined my high school’s alumni group and the University of Miami business school group, where like Lebron, I will be taking my talents next year.

But in all seriousness, I could already see how the contacts I could make in these groups could help me land internships in the future and maybe even a job way down the road. I have absolutely no regrets about doing this internship, as I gained valuable knowledge about social media. I would definitely recommend that all high school students do at least one internship before college, as I feel like I now have a leg up on other incoming freshman at my school.

Jonas Rein graduated from Hingham High this past spring and is heading off to U of Miami to study marketing and advertising. For information on volunteer opportunities at JVS contact Sharon Zammuto at

JVS CareerSolution provides job search coaching, career counseling, networking opportunities, and career seminars to professionals.

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