February 7, 2016 / 28th of Shvat, 5776
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My Social Media Summer Internship

by Jonas Rein, Intern

This summer I thought it would be good idea to explore my passion for marketing. I decided to intern at Career Moves @ JVS with Leah Berk, Social Media Specialist, who maintains the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Before the internship I was excited to learn about these social media websites, as I understood businesses were spending a lot of time marketing and advertising through them.

I spent a lot of time researching Facebook cause pages, which is a page on Facebook where non-profit organizations can raise awareness and donations. From researching other non- profits’ Facebook cause pages, I developed an in-depth marketing plan to improve Career Moves @ JVS’ fundraising efforts, which is vital for non-profit organizations. Not only did I learn a lot about many of the intricacies of these websites, but I also learned a lot about personal branding and job seeking, which is going to be a valuable skill to have in the future.

I was especially in awe of the effectiveness of the website LinkedIn, as prospective employees could effectively network to find a job. After joining the website I joined my high school’s alumni group and the University of Miami business school group, where like Lebron, I will be taking my talents next year.

But in all seriousness, I could already see how the contacts I could make in these groups could help me land internships in the future and maybe even a job way down the road. I have absolutely no regrets about doing this internship, as I gained valuable knowledge about social media. I would definitely recommend that all high school students do at least one internship before college, as I feel like I now have a leg up on other incoming freshman at my school.

Jonas Rein graduated from Hingham High this past spring and is heading off to U of Miami to study marketing and advertising. For information on volunteer opportunities at JVS contact Sharon Zammuto at szammuto@jvs-boston.org.

JVS CareerSolution provides job search coaching, career counseling, networking opportunities, and career seminars to professionals.

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