February 9, 2016 / 30th of Shvat, 5776
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Looking Deeper in Israel

created at: 2012-02-09

Bella Freytsis, pictured (left) at a school in Israel, is co-chairing the Looking Deeper: Seeking Asylum in Israel on February 15. The event is for young professionals in the Greater Boston Area. Learn more about this Looking Deeper at http://lookingdeeperboston.eventbrite.com

created at: 2012-02-09

This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Israel with CJP’s Young Leaders’ Mission. In addition to the sightseeing and socializing with other young professionals from the US and Israel, other portions of the trip were spent visiting organizations and programs directly supported by CJP. It was incredibly rewarding to see where our donated dollars were making an impact – schools, daycares, senior centers, etc. While in Jerusalem we met with staff from JDC Israel – one of CJP’s recipient organizations dedicated to improving the lives ofIsrael’s most vulnerable citizens. I was deeply inspired by the work being done by JDC in Israel and abroad and their commitment to tikkun olam – repairing the world. Even before returning home, I knew I wanted to be more involved with this organization.

In recounting my travel experience to my family – in particular, telling my parents about this wonderful organization I had been introduced to – I was surprised to learn that they were quite familiar with JDC already from their experience immigrating to the United States from Russia. As I soon learned, JDC played an integral role in the emigration of Jewish families from the Former Soviet Union while CJP and its local partner organizations assisted in the resettlement of these families, much like my own, here in Boston.

I value the connection I have to these two organizations and to the Jewish community in Bostonand abroad which is why I am so excited to be co-chairing the upcoming CJP/JDC - Looking Deeper event. I hope that this event will inform and inspire other young leaders and professionals like myself to engage with CJP and JDC to help perpetuate the legacy of philanthropy and humanitarianism that these organizations have established.

created at: 2012-02-09

JDC supports global Jewish communities, supports Israel to help its most vulnerable populations, and assist in disasters worldwide.

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