February 9, 2016 / 30th of Shvat, 5776
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Summer Program for Jewish Preschoolers!

Whether you are entering kindergarten or as young as two,
We are ready to spend the summer with you!
So sign up now and we'll save you a space.
You'll want to be there it's a happening place.

Bring your bathing suit and get ready for fun,
We'll splash in the water and run in the sun.
Climb and tumble, sing and play,
Summer at the Children's Center is only 1 month away!

Bring along your lunch and together we'll dine,
June 6-July 21 are the dates, 9-12:30 is the time.
Flexibility reigns - choose one week or more,
After that choose three days or four.

New TBSCC students: click here to register for summer 2011!


Temple Beth Shalom Children’s Center (TBSCC) is an early childhood Jewish center in Needham. It offers a caring, nurturing, vibrant, developmentally appropriate, discovery-based environment, which allows children to develop to their maximum potential. The program focuses on encouraging children’s...

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