February 6, 2016 / 27th of Shvat, 5776
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A Community Project: Can You Recognize Your Great-Grandmother?

Did you know that Hadassah’s Boston Chapter turns 100 this month?

To celebrate our centennial, we’re sharing the following photograph taken on December 20, 1927, at the Copley Plaza Hotel at a donor dinner, one of the Boston Chapter’s first events. You’ll see more than 150 women—and maybe one is your grandmother or great-grandmother!

To honor our pioneers, we would love to identify the women in this photo. While we do have their names from the program book (listed alphabetically by last name below), we aren’t sure who’s who.

Please take a look at the list of names, and if you recognize a family member or friend, check out the photo on Facebook and tag her name if you’re able to spot her.

We encourage you to share the photo with friends and family to help spread the word!

created at: 2013-01-15

Hadassah Boston Chapter Members

Mrs. Abrams, Joseph

Mrs. Abrams, S.J.

Mrs. Abramson, Louis H.

Mrs. Adelson, J.

Mrs. Agoos, Fannie

Mrs. Agoos, Samuel

Mrs. Agoos, Solomon

Mrs. Albaum, Nathaniel S.

Mrs. Alberts, Isaac

Miss Alperin, Rhoda

Mrs. Angel, Mark

Mrs. Ansell, Julian

Mrs. Anshen, Edith L.

Mrs. Ansin, David

Mrs. Aronovitz, H.

Mrs. Aronson, Harry

Mrs. Aronson, Jacob

Mrs. Aronson, Louis

Mrs. Arvedon, Louis

Mrs. Askowith, Charles

Mrs. Balter, Jos.

Mrs. Bardinn, Leon

Mrs. Barkin, George

Mrs. Barkin, Samuel

Mrs. Baron, A.M.

Mrs. Baron, Harry

Mrs. Baron, J.

Mrs. Barrabee, Samuel

Mrs. Barron, Jennie Loitman

Mrs. Baron, Maurice

Mrs. Beckwith, L.

Mrs. Bellar, R.S.

Mrs. Belon, Harry

Mrs. Bendetson, David

Mrs. Berenson, A.G.

Mrs. Berger, H.

Mrs. Berger, Samuel L.

Mrs. Berkman, J.

Mrs. Berkowitz, Abram

Mrs. Berkowitz, J.

Mrs. Berkowitz, M.

Mrs. Berman, Samuel

Mrs. Berman, Samuel

Mrs. Bernkopf, Max E.

Mrs. Berns, Israel

Mrs. Birnabaum, Benjamin H.

Mrs. Blank, Philip

Mrs. Bloom, A.A.

Mrs. Bloom, Max

Mrs. Bloomberg, A.

Mrs. Bloomberg, Samuel

Mrs. Bon, Josiah

Mrs. Borkum, Ida

Mrs. Braff, Mitchell

Mrs. Brand, D.H.

Mrs. Brass, Arthur

Mrs. Brenner, James

Mrs. Brezner, Nathan

Mrs. Brilliant, Frank

Mrs. Brilliant, M.R.

Mrs. Brody, E.J.

Mrs. Brody, Israel

Mrs. Bronstein, Morris

Mrs. Broomfield, Reubin

Mrs. Burack, Louis

Mrs. Burmon, Alex W.

Miss Burnce, Frances

Mrs. Burroughs, A.M

Mrs. Burroughs, Harry

Mrs. Burroughs, Victor

Mrs. Burstein, S.

Mrs. Bychower, Victor

Mrs. Canner, Carl

Mrs. Caplan, Abraham

Mrs. Caro, David

Mrs. Caro, Maurice

Mrs. Carp, Morris

Mrs. Casson, Etta B.

Mrs. Chase, Samuel

Mrs. Cibel, A.

Mrs. Citron, I.M.

Mrs. Clayman, Harry

Mrs. Cline, Harry

Mrs. Cohan, Abner

Mrs. Cohan, Bernard

Mrs. Cohen, Edw.

Mrs. Cohen, Edw. E.

Mrs. Cohen, Herman

Mrs. Cohen, Julius

Mrs. Cohen, Marks

Mrs. Cohen, Samuel

Mrs. Cohen, Simon

Mrs. Cole, Samuel

Mrs. Coleman, Samuel

Mrs. Cooper, Harry D.

Mrs. Cooper, Israel

Mrs. Cooper, Louis C.

Mrs. Cooper, Wm.

Mrs. Copen, S. Irving

Mrs. Corman, Jos.

Mrs. Coshner, H.B

Mrs. Cublowich, Samuel

Mrs. Cupinsky, J.

Mrs. Cushing, Benjamin

Mrs. Dach, Samuel

Mrs. Dana, Myer

Mrs. Dana, Samuel

Mrs. Dana, David

Mrs. Dangel, Edw.

Mrs. Daniels, John E.

Mrs. David, L.

Mrs. Davidson, Alfred

Mrs. Davidson, H.

Mrs. Dimond, Isaac

Mrs. Dreyfus, Sydney

Mrs. Druker, John

Mrs. Dubinsky, Louis

Mrs. Ehrlich, Adolph

Mrs. Eisenberg, S.S

Mrs. Endlar, I.

Mrs. Epstein, Abbott J.

Mrs. Epstein, Chas.

Mrs. Epstien, L.

Mrs. Epstein, L.H.

Mrs. Faber, H.

Mrs. Feibelman, Ely

Mrs. Feinberg, Abraham

Mrs. Feinberg, Arthur

Mrs. Feinberg, Max

Mrs. Feinberg, Morris

Mrs. Feinberg, Samuel

Miss Feinberg, Ruth

Mrs. Fienberg, William

Mrs. Fienstein, Israel A.

Mrs. Fienstein, Nat.

Mrs. Feurstein, Samuel

Mrs. Feurstien, Victor

Mrs. Finger, J

Mrs. Fink, Nathan

Mrs. Finkelstein, H.

Mrs. Fishman, Leopold

Mrs. Flashman, J.J.

Mrs. Fliesher, Samuel

Mrs. Frank, Abraham

Mrs. Frank, Morris

Mrs. Freedman, A.

Mrs. Freedman, E.

Mrs. Freedman, Jacob

Mrs. Freedman, Nathan

Mrs. Freedman, Rachel

Mrs. Friedman, S.

Mrs. Freiman, Hyman

Mrs. Gardner, Louis

Mrs. Gerber, I.M.

Mrs. Gidden, A.

Mrs. Gilbert, B.

Mrs. Ginsberg, B.

Mrs. Ginsberg, E.

Mrs. Ginsburg, Henry

Mrs. Ginsburg, A.A

Mrs. Ginsburg, Harris

Mrs. Ginsburg, Israel

Mrs. Ginsburg, Louis

Mrs. Ginsburg, Nathan

Mrs. Ginzberg, A. Murray

Mrs. Glaser, H.

Mrs. Glaser, Jos.

Mrs. Glovsky, Abraham

Mrs. Glunts, James D.

Mrs. Gluntz, Peter

Mrs. Goldberg, H.

Mrs. Goldberg, Harris

Mrs. Goldberg, Lewis

Miss Goldberg, Rose

Mrs. Goldberg, S.U

Mrs. Golden, Edw.

Mrs. Golden, Martha

Mrs. Goldenberg, Fannie

Mrs. Goldfine, Allen

Mrs. Goldfine, Bernard

Mrs. Goldfine, Morris

Mrs. Goldman, A.C.

Mrs. Goldman, A.K.

Mrs. Goldman, Harris

Mrs. Goldman, Lowe

Mrs. Goldstein, M.

Mrs. Goldstein, S.

Mrs. Goldstein, Samuel

Mrs. Goodman, Jos.

Mrs. Goodman, Samuel

Mrs. Gordon, A.L.

Mrs. Gordon, Geo. E.

Mrs. Gordon, Irene

Mrs. Gordon, Jos.

Mrs. Gordon, Louis

Mrs. Gordon, M.

Mrs. Gordon, Nathan H.

Mrs. Gordon, Samuel

Mrs. Gordon, Simeon

Mrs. Gorfinkle, David

Mrs. Gould, J.F

Mrs. Gould, L.

Mrs. Grandberg, Kate

Mrs. Grandberg, Morris

Mrs. Green, Abraham

Mrs. Green, Benjamin

Mrs. Green, Frank

Mrs. Green, Fred

Mrs. Green, Gladys Rambach

Mrs. Green, Hyman

Mrs. Green, Isidore

Mrs. Greenbaum, Amelia

Mrs. Grosberg, Casper

Mrs. Grosberg, M.

Mrs. Grosberg, L.

Mrs. Grosberg, Oscar

Mrs. Grunberg, B.

Mrs. Gruzen, George

Mrs. Grutterman, Albert

Mrs. Grutterman, Harry

Mrs. Hahn, Paulina

Miss Harris, Hattie

Mrs. Harris, Isaac

Mrs. Hartstone, Robert

Mrs. Harvey, William

Mrs. Heller, Isaac

Mrs. Helpern, Cornelius

Mrs. Helpern, Myron

Mrs. Helperman, Jos.

Mrs. Hershenson, A.

Mrs. Hershenson, Eli

Mrs. Herwitz, Abraham

Mrs. Hexter, Maurice B.

Mrs. Hirsh, William.

Mrs. Hoffman, Bernard

Mrs. Hoffman, Nathan

Mrs. Hoffman, M.

Mrs. Hollander, Cyril

Mrs. Holzman, Augusta

Mrs. Holzman, Jos.

Mrs. Horblit, Mark

Mrs. Hurovitz, Charles

Mrs. Hurowitz, Albert

Mrs. Hurowitz, Nathan

Mrs. Hyde, Abr. R

Mrs. Hyman, Benjamin

Mrs. Hyman, Eli

Mrs. Isaacs, Irving

Mrs. Isenberg, A.

Mrs. Isenberg, Louis

Mrs. Jacobs, Maurice

Mrs. Jacobovitz, Louis

Mrs. Jankelson, I.R.

Mrs. Jolles, Louis

Mrs. Joseph, Louis

Mrs. Kalis, Louis

Mrs. Kalman, Max

Mrs. Kanter, Samuel

Mrs. Kaplan, Celia

Mrs. Kaplan, Isaac

Mrs. Kaplan, J. J.

Mrs. Kaplan, Morris

Mrs. Kaplan, S.L.

Mrs. Karnow, N.

Mrs. Karon, Harry

Mrs. Karon, Anna Rose

Mrs. Katz, Harry

Mrs. Katz, Joseph

Mrs. Katz, Morris Rose

Mrs. Katz, Rose

Mrs. Kaufman, Henry

Mrs. Kirshen, Max

Mrs. Kirstein, Louis E.

Mrs. Klein, Armin

Mrs. Klein, Jos. B.

Mrs. Kohn, Mark

Mrs. Kohn, Samuel

Mrs. Kravit, Bernard

Mrs. Kravit, George

Mrs. Kravit, Joseph

Mrs. Kulvin, Benjamin

Mrs. Kussel, William

Mrs. Lappin, Isaacs

Mrs. Latiduf, Sarah

Mrs. Leavitt, Max

Mrs. Leavitt, Peter M.

Mrs. Lebowich, Carl

Mrs. Leobowich, Ethel

Mrs. Lebowich, Jacob

Mrs. Leibman, Louis

Mrs. Leibman, Moses

Miss Lesser, Frances

Mrs. Lesser, Henry

Mrs. Levenson, Jos.

Mrs. Levenson, Louis

Mrs. Levenson, Max

Mrs. Levi, Harry

Mrs. Levick, Henry C.

Mrs. Levin, A.P.

Mrs. Levin, Colman

Mrs. Levin, I.M.

Mrs. Levin, Nathan N.

Mrs. Levine, Louis

Mrs. Levine, Samuel A.

Mrs. Levy, H.J.

Mrs. Levy, J.

Mrs. Libbman, Frances

Mrs. Linsky, Maurice

Mrs. Lipsitz, Rose

Mrs. Lipp, Abraham

Mrs. Lockwood, B.M.

Mrs. Lourie, David A.

Mrs. Lourie, Jacob

Mrs. Lowenstein, Louis

Mrs. Lowenstein, Max

Mrs. Ludwig, Benjamin H.

Mrs. Madfis, Morris

Mrs. Mann, William

Mrs. Marcus, Miah

Mrs. Marget, Philip

Mrs. Margolies, Jacob

Mrs. Margolis, Dora

Mrs. Margolis, Herbert

Mrs. Margolis, Jos.

Mrs. Markwett, L.

Mrs. Massell, Joseph

Mrs. Masters, H.

Mrs. Massick, Louis

Mrs. Matthews, Anna G

Mrs. Matthews, Saul

Mrs. Medalia, Leon S.

Mrs. Meltzer, Abraham D.

Mrs. Meyers, Samuel

Mrs. Mezer, Joseph H.

Mrs. Michaels, H.L.

Mrs. Miller, I. Otto

Mrs. Miller, Joseph

Mrs. Miller, Leon

Dr. Mintz, Anna

Mrs. Mintz, Ida

Mrs. Morrison, A.H.

Mrs. Morrison, Hyman

Mrs. Morse, Mendel

Mrs. Morse, Samuel

Mrs. Muran, L.

Mrs. Myers, S.W.

Mrs. Myerson, Abraham

Mrs. Narcus, Samuel

Mrs. Natahn, Jacobs

Mrs. Natahns, John

Mrs. Nevison, Joseph

Mrs. Nelson, A.

Mrs. Nesson, Israel

Mrs. Norman, Henry

Mrs. Oppenheim, Harry

Mrs. Palais, Joseph

Mrs. Parvey, Benjamin

Mrs. Paul, J.

Mrs. Pelonsky, Nathan

Mrs. Penn, Henry

Mrs. Perlmutter, L.

Mrs. Phillips, F.W.

Mrs. Pil, Samuel

Mrs. Pinanski, Samuel

Mrs. Pincus, Louis

Miss Plow, Glodie

Mrs. Poorvu, Harris

Mrs. Prince, L.A.

Mrs. Pritzker, A.

Mrs. Promboin, Jacob

Mrs. Prussian, S.W.

Mrs. Quint, Harry

Mrs. Rabalsky, Benjamin

Mrs. Rabinivitz, Jacob

Mrs. Rabinovitz, Joseph

Mrs. Rabinovitz, Sidney

Mrs. Rambach, Hyman

Mrs. Rapport, Boris

Mrs. Resnik, J.

Mrs. Richmond, Samuel

Mrs. Riesman, J.

Mrs. Rines David M.

Mrs. Robbins, Harris M.

Mrs. Robbins, Herman

Mrs. Robins, Samuel A.

Mrs. Robinson, Robert

Mrs. Rockman, Bennett

Mrs. Rodman, Nathan

Mrs. Rogal, Harry

Mrs. Rogers, Ida

Mrs. Rogers, Louis

Mrs. Rogers, Maurice

Mrs. Rome, Charles

Mrs. Rome, Anna

Mrs. Rome, J.L.

Miss Rome, Mae

Mrs. Rose, Edward

Mrs. Rosen, Gabe

Mrs. Rosenau, Milton

Mrs. Rosenberg, Louis

Mrs. Rosenblatt, I.

Mrs. Rosenberg, S.I.

Mrs. Rosenbloom, M.M.

Mrs. Rosenthal, Albert

Mrs. Rosenthal, Samuel

Mrs. Ross, Sara W.

Mrs. Rothstein, Louis

Mrs. Rubenstein, B.

Mrs. Rubin, David

Mrs. Rubin, Jacob

Mrs. Rubin, Max

Mrs. Rubin, Samuel

Mrs. Rubenovitz, H.H.

Mrs. Rudginsky, Charles

Mrs. Rudnik, Joseph F.

Mrs. Rudnik, Michael J.

Mrs. Rudnik, Morris

Mrs. Rudnick, Samuel

Mrs. Rusidsky, Samuel

Mrs. Sack, Israel

Mrs. Salter, Abram

Mrs. Salter, Albert

Mrs. Sandberg, Jennie

Mrs. Sapers, Maurice

Mrs. Sawyer, Meyer J.

Mrs. Scheft, Harry

Mrs. Schell, William

Mrs. Schiff, Samuel

Mrs. Schooner, J.Y.

Mrs. Seidel, Joseph

Mrs. Seif, J.H.

Mrs. Seigal, Jacob

Mrs. Shapira, Albert A.

Mrs. Shapira, I.J.E

Mrs. Shapiro, Alex

Mrs. Shapiro, Frank S.

Mrs. Shapiro, Herman

Mrs. Shapir,o Ira W.

Mrs. Shapiro, J.S.

Mrs. Shapiro, Jacob

Mrs. Shapiro, James

Mrs. Shapiro, Morris

Miss Shapiro, Rebecca

Mrs. Shapiro, Samuel

Mrs. Shapiro, William

Mrs. Sharaf, Morris

Dr. Sharenson, Bessie

Mrs. Sheinwald, Isaac

Mrs. Sheinwald, William

Mrs. Sherman, John

Mrs. Sherman, S.

Mrs. Shindler, M.

Mrs. Shocket, Abraham

Mrs. Shocket, Frieda N.

Mrs. Shoolman, Max

Mrs. Shulman, David

Mrs. Shulamn, Sadie Lipner

Mrs. Sidman, Julius

Mrs. Siegel, Max

Mrs. Silverman, Morris

Mrs. Silverman, Robert

Mrs. Simon, Ben J.

Mrs. Singer, Samuel

Mrs. Singer, Samuel

Mrs. Slater, John Slutsky M.

Mrs. Snider, B.

Mrs. Snider, E.L.

Mrs. Snider, S.

Mrs. Snyder, Harris

Mrs. Solomon, James

Mrs. Solomon, William

Miss Soroker, Sybill

Mrs. Spector, J.

Mrs. Spitz, Chana

Mrs. Stearns, J.J.

Mrs. Stein, Isadore

Mrs. Stein, Samuel

Mrs. Steinberg, Louis H.

Mrs. Steinmetz, L.

Mrs. Stenetsky, M.

Mrs. Sterman, Oscar

Mrs. Stern, Benjamin

Mrs. Stern, Julius

Mrs. Stone, Dewey

Mrs. Stone, E.D

Mrs. Stone, Ephraim

Mrs. Stone, Joseph

Mrs. Stone, Robert

Mrs. Stone, Samuel J.

Mrs. Stoneman, David

Mrs. Strauss, Abraham

Mrs. Susskind, Benjamin

Mrs. Swartz, H.

Mrs. Swartz, Jacob H.

Mrs. Sydeman, Abraham

Mrs. Theise, Simon

Mrs. Thomson, Nathan

Mrs. Torf, Philip

Mrs. Ulin, Harris

Mrs. Ulin, Isaac

Mrs. Usen, Irving

Mrs. Van Noorden, Ezekiel

Mrs. Wadman, Louis

Mrs. Wagman, A.E.

Mrs. Waldstein, Robert

Mrs. Waldstein, Samuel

Mrs. Walk, Benjamin

Mrs. Wallace, Arthur

Mrs. Warren, Max

Mrs. Warshaw, Irving

Mrs. Wasserman, Jacob

Mrs. Watchmaker, Isaac

Mrs. Wax, Louis H.

Mrs. Wienberg, Joseph

Mrs. Wilson, Arthur

Mrs. Weinstein, Samuel

Mrs. Weisman, Jennie M.

Mrs. Weisman, Maurice

Mrs. Weiss, M. Murray

Mrs. Wells, William W.

Mrs. Werby, A.

Mrs. Werman, Joseph

Mrs. White, Benjamin

Mrs. White, M.J.

Mrs. Whiteman, Esther

Mrs. Wilinsky, Charles

Mrs. Willens, S.

Mrs. Winer, Morris

Mrs. Wingersky, Edward

Mrs. Wit, I.

Mrs. Wit, Samuel

Mrs. Wolper, I.

Mrs. Wyner, Frances

Mrs. Wyner, Geo

Mrs. Wyner, Rudolph

Mrs. Wyzanki, Charles A.

Mrs. Yaffa, Abraham

Mrs. Yanes, Max

Mrs. Yavner, Bessie S.

Mrs. Yavner, M.L.

Mrs. Yoffa, B. Fredrick

Mrs. Yudin, Hyman

Mrs. Zakon, Benjamin

Mrs. Zigell, Louis

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