November 28, 2015 / 16th of Kislev, 5776
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Finding a Mohel in the Boston Area: Resources for Your Baby Boy's Bris

Updated August 20, 2012

And G-d told Abraham, "This is my covenant which you shall keep between Me and you and thy seed after you--every male child among you shall be circumcised." (Gen. 17:12) 

created at: 2011-03-07

As we are commanded, on the eighth day of the baby's life, the family will hold a brit milah, a brisor a circumcision ceremony. Many rituals and details make up the ceremony. These sites listed below are great resources for learning more about the traditions and expectations of a brit milah.  

Also below is a listing of many Boston-area mohels, ritual circumcisers. A mohel is certified and trained both in performing the procedure and in Jewish tradition. Please note: provides this list as a resource but does not recommend any particular mohel. Before hiring any mohel, we suggest performing the same kind of research you would do before hiring any health or ritual practitioner.


My Jewish Learning: Jewish Ceremonies for Newborns

The Velveteen Rabbi: A Brit Milah Q&A For Parents Rabbi & Jewish Clergy Referral Service (free to use, fully vetted for qualifications, as well as open to interfaith families, LGBT families, and others) 

Mohel Listing:


Dr. Leonard Finn: 781-235-3444 

Dr. Reuveyn Fraser: 781-690-1339,

Dr. Alan Green: 603-440-3444,,

Dr. Henry Lerner: 617-894-1397,,

Dr. Marina Rabin: 617-549-2818,

Dr. Todd Shapiro: 617-734-9024,

Dr. Scott Siege: 413-259-5234,


Dr. Robert Braitman: 508-208-1816,,

Dr. Alan J. Green: 603-889-7383

Dr. Stacy Rubtchinsky: 781-576-9352,,

Dr. Henry Simkin: 413-586-8400,


Rabbi Shimon Miara: 617-783-2249,

Rabbi Nechemia Schusterman: 978-977-9111,


Dr. Barbara Bassil: 617-566-2922,

Dr. Paul Feldman:

Dr. Joseph Glassman: 617-202-5143,

Dr. Barrie Paster: 978-388-5050 

Dr. William Steck: 973-731-1800, 

Bonus! ASK A RABBI answers the questions, "Our son was born on a Saturday. Can we have his bris on Shabbat?" and "How much does a bris typically cost?"

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