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Kosher Cooking Carnival: A Celebration of Recipes from Around the Web

by David Levy on behalf of / June 03, 2011

The Kosher Cooking Carnival (KCC) is a monthly collection of links to blog posts from around the web featuring kosher food. We're thrilled to be hosting this edition, just in time for Shavuot. If you're like to include your posts in future editions of KCC, here's a handy submission form. If you'd like to host KCC on your blog, please contact Batya. (And a big thanks to Batya for keeping this going month after month!)



ShakshukaFor the past seven weeks, we've been counting the omer, which recalls the ancient barley harvest. Nicola Hansf offers a review of one of my favorite barley products: The 10 Best Beers for Tech Geeks.

This week also brought Yom Yerushalayim, the anniversary of the day the IDF took the Old City and East Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. Mirjam Weiss honors that day in Jerusalem From Every Direction, including a recipe for the Israeli tomato-and-eggs favorite Shakshuka.

And speaking of Jerusalem, you could have A Fun Meal at The Lion's Den, says Batya.

This coming week brings Shavuot, on which many Jews have a tradition of eating dairy. Here at, we've compiled a big list of dairy recipes to help enhance your holiday.


Entrees and Sides

If you make chicken night after night or week after week, it can get boring. Thanks to Batya, here's An Easier Way to A Fancier Chicken. On the other hand, Batya also cooks Simple Chicken with some reflections on her changing needs in a stove.

Speaking of night after night, leftovers don't have to be total repeats of their original meals. Avital Pinnick offers suggests for what to do with leftover meat as well as leftover fruit and nuts: Steak for Dinner, Date-Nut Loaf for Dessert.

For a lighter entree, perfect for a Shabbat lunch picnic, Mrs. S of Our Shiputzim offers Carrot Bread.

Picnic season also means garden season, which means it's time to think about Pickling Pickles! Enjoy Leora's how-to guide.

For a faster trip from garden to belly, Batya offers Yummy, Simple and Delicious Vegetables: Cook and Serve.

Or, if you like your veggies with a bit of ground meat, check out Batya's experiment with Moussaka.

If all those vegetables leave you craving something a little meatier, and perhaps a little more processed, Mirjam Weiss suggests making a Deli Roll - which happens to be an excellent recipe to make with your kids.

Jennifer in Mama-Land offers a bite-sized variation on the deli roll: Purkey Tastries!

If you're not yet tired of meats wrapped in doughs (and why ever would you be?), Jennifer also offers a recipe for Pretzel Dogs.


Dessert, etc.

Mirjam Weiss loves almond macaroons year round -- even when it's not Passover, and even though her husband has an almond allergy: Arsenic and Old Lace.

Batya offers a suggestion for how to Keep Teas Fresh and Organized.

Batya makes note of a recent fish-labeling scandal and wonders about the kashrut implications.


That's all for this month! If you'd like to revisit last month's carnival, check it out at Here in HP. And stay tuned for July's edition at Cooking Outside the Box.

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