February 7, 2016 / 28th of Shvat, 5776
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B'Nei Mitzvah Boot Camp with Rabbi Lev Baesh on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 10AM

For families who don't affiliate with a synagogue, and even for those that do, Bar and Bat Mitzvah can be daunting to plan for/ prepare for/ and celebrate. B'nei Mitzvah Boot Camp at the Sunday School for Jewish Studies in Newton is an opportunity to begin the process of creating meaningful and sustainable 'coming of age' ceremonies that ultimately relate to the context in which you are choosing to raise your children. This means incorporating all the people who have helped raise this child, using blessings and rituals that make sense based on what you already do or would like to add to your family traditions, creating or finding rituals that support your family's values, and beginning the process early enough so that you and your child understand how this ceremony is part of a whole life and not a step into some other place and time.


Rabbi Lev Baesh be bringing stories of celebrations that families have created with little expense and meaningful (but not exhausting) energy. Rabbi Baesh will talk about how families with more than one faith/ethnic/cultural tradition can celebrate in a way that makes sense Jewishly, as well as, adding any other traditions that live in your home. Finally, Rabbi Baesh will give you something to think about that will spark your interest in moving forward with family traditions that build generation after generation.



The Sunday School for Jewish Studies is an independent religious school offering a once-a-week program for children in the Greater Boston area. Our school fosters a strong sense of Jewish identity using a curriculum that includes Jewish history, Hebrew, ethics and culture. Our children and their...

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