February 5, 2016 / 26th of Shvat, 5776
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3rd week

I again worked three shifts this week.  MTW from 10-6.  the tigbur shift.


It was a bit of a boring week as there were no trauma calls.  Trauma calls are both the most exciting and most hands on.  One funny call was an elderly man who was CVA- stroke and he kept going in and out of consciousness.  We had to keep AVPUing him-making sure he stayed awake and alert for the entire ride.  He kept checking his pockets and cursing that he forgot his vodka.  He also kept asking us for vodka which was humerous. It was the first time I felt an irregular pulse.


I also got peed on.  This middle aged obese woman fell and called 101 to be lifted off the floor.  We lifted her off the floor and put her on the chair.  However, when that happened her catheter disconnected from her body and she happened to be urinating at the time.  It flowed out of the tube and onto the floor  and my shoe.  Wonderful! It also was the foulest smelling urine-she should have really gotten it checked out.


The rest of the calls were mainly elderly patients having difficulty breathing or stomache pains.  I am picking up another shift tonight and working the paul simon concert.  Should be fun.


Adam Auerbach- Volunteer for Magen David Adom Summer 2011

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