February 11, 2016 / 2nd of Adar, 5776
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Who Says Jews Don’t Ride Motorcycles?

Lonsmen logoWho Says Jews Don’t Ride Motorcycles?

Looking for a Few Good REFOBS (that’s REasonable Facsimile Of Biker’s) for a predominately Jewish Motorcycle Club.  The Lonsmen Motorcycle Club consists of men and women dedicated to the sport of motorcycling and having fun! The group is based in Maryland, but one of the club’s charter members (that’s me) is now living in the Boston area and is in the process of starting a New England chapter. I was also in on the initial formation of an umbrella organization of Jewish motorcycle clubs called the JMA (Jewish Motorcycle Alliance – Google them!)  We are looking for folks like us who love to ride, schmooze, and eat! Live to ride, ride to eat.  Email us at jkomrower@gmail.com to find out more! 

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