Posted by Lili Ibara, JF&CS Geriatric Care Manager

created at: 2010-11-16As a geriatric care manager for JF&CS Your Elder Experts I have had the chance to get to know several remarkable Holocaust survivors. JF&CS Schechter Holocaust Services and Your Elder Experts often collaborate to provide oversight and management of care needs, logistical and financial support, and a sense of connection for some of the frailest of the aging survivors.

Sonya was a Holocaust survivor, who was first sent to a death camp with her family as a teenager, then spent the duration of the war in labor camps in Germany, making her way across Europe and eventually to the United States where she married, worked, and had children. Her escape was a miracle, a triumph for Sonya and her courageous protectors in the face of mass genocide. It was also, I imagine, the beginning of that omnipotent and omnipresent sense of loss that seemed to dog all of her later decisions and relationships.

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