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The blog is a forum for Adoption Choices parents to share stories about their parenting and adoption experiences. We have a rotating cast of four contributors, all Adoption Choices adopters, who contribute a new post on a weekly basis. Below is an excerpt from our first post. Check out the blog to read the whole thing!

Puzzles and Blue Eyes by GNEVS

“There’s a partially completed puzzle on the table.  K and I are in our 750 piece stage.  500 pieces aren’t typically challenging enough, and 1000 pieces are overwhelming so 750 seems right.  This puzzle is a picture of two horses.  The last one was wolves, and the one before that was a dragon.  Regardless of the picture, K and I start with the border.  We always start with the border.  When I was a girl, my Mom (K’s Nana) taught me to separate the straight pieces from the others and complete the border first.  When K and I started doing puzzles, I taught her.” …read more

created at: 2010-12-21