With the recent talk about Iran’s nuclear threat, it can be easy to forget that one of the gravest dangers Israel faces is only a mile away.

This weekend, terrorists operating from inside Gaza launched nearly 200 rockets at population centers in southern Israel, injuring eight Israelis, forcing a half million people into bomb shelters, closing schools and businesses and terrifying children, the elderly and everyone else within range of Jihadists’ rockets, mortars and other weapons.

The violence continues. For the fourth straight day, rockets have been aimed indiscriminately at any school, house of worship or apartment building within a 40km range of Gaza. Earlier today, a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad damaged a building housing a kindergarten. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Israel’s Iron Dome rocket system has destroyed nearly 90 percent of its targets, offering some sense of security to those in the line of fire in southern Israel. IAF pilots are responding to attacks with airstrikes against terror targets. But the rocket attacks continue, as they have on and off for more than a decade, Israel’s foreign minister reminded us this weekend.

We pray for the safety of Israel’s citizens, particularly those in range of terrorist rocket fire in the south. We applaud the defensive actions of the men and women of the IDF and the added protection afforded by the Iron Dome system.

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