September 2, 2015 / 18th of Elul, 5775
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  • Istock_000001421193_small.jpg
    I recently saw two new Hebrew National commercials. I noticed something strange about them and want to know if I’m just being a tad crazy. Here’s my take: I no longer have cable. What that means is that I’m at the whims of Hulu and the three commercials they... Read More
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  • Broccolini.jpg
    Every once in a while I receive one of those recipe-sharing chain emails asking me to send one of my favorite dishes to some mutual friends, then add myself to the list and wait for the recipes to coming pouring in. Admittedly, I’m usually quick to delete these emails, hoping no one... Read More
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  • Tomato_sandwich.jpg
    I didn’t have my first tomato sandwich until just a couple years ago. It was the simple, three-ingredient version: white bread, mayonnaise and juicy tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. Admittedly, my expectations weren’t too high—the sandwich sounded incomplete. But... Read More
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  • Innas_kitchen.jpg
    After 15 years (!) of planning, the Boston Public Market has finally opened its doors to lots of excitement and publicity. The Market is the new home to 37 permanent vendors—and a handful of semi-permanent sellers—peddling everything from farm-fresh ingredients and cheeses to... Read More
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  • Mixed_drinks.jpg
    There’s no going back now. The die has been cast, the UN Security Council has approved the deal, and it seems like the Iran Deal is an unstoppable force as Congress prepares to fight it out over the next two months. In the spirit of bipartisanship… well, no, more like in the... Read More
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  • Kitchnsynch1.jpg
    Kitchn Synch delivers kosher meals to your doorstep There’s a delicate contradiction in home kitchens these days: People are cooking more at home, but they’re also busier than ever. The compromise is seeking out quick meals that home cooks can prepare themselves, which is... Read More
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  • Popsicles1_large.jpg
    Over the last three years as’s food blogger, I’ve shared some of my favorite summer recipes. Some I’ve come up with on my own, while others were inspired by dishes I saw in restaurants, cookbooks or friends’ kitchens. Since summer is officially in... Read More
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  • Ice_cream.jpg
    There are lots of ways to dress up ice cream. You can drizzle it with caramel or hot fudge, or roll it in a magic chocolate shell or any number of toppings. But the cone—the loyal vehicle that keeps your hands away from the sticky sweet on a hot summer day—is usually left... Read More
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  • Cheddar_sammy.jpg
    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me, the answer is simple: sandwiches! I know it’s a broad category and an answer that probably won’t be a surprise to readers of this blog. (See evidence here, here and here.) There’s... Read More
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  • Sherbet.jpg
    I get a kick out of the recommended Father’s Day gifts advertised this time of year. They assume every father is a beer-swilling, golf-playing, grill-manning carnivore. My dad is no vegetarian, but he doesn’t drink beer, prefers boxing over golf, and goes as far as turning on... Read More
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