February 8, 2016 / 29th of Shvat, 5776
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  • Knish_large
    I fell down an Internet rabbit hole the other night. I ended up spending more time than I’m willing to admit watching videos of people making knishes. Weird, right? It all started with my cousin Alison’s suggestion for this week’s post. She thought it might be fun to put a... Read More
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  • Holiday_table_large
    Newton-based Crudité Creations is focused on creating artfully designed, beautiful, healthy, and delicious vegetable bouquets. Whether you’re hosting a Mother’s Day event or attending as a guest, a Crudité Creation bouquet is a great way to add pizzazz, color,... Read More
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  • Morguefile_fuit_large
    When you’re on the run—whether you’re doing errands, going to work, or managing family responsibilities—it’s not uncommon to put all thoughts of healthy eating on the backburner. A candy bar can’t possibly hurt, right? Wrong. To live a healthy lifestyle, you... Read More
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  • Simha_large
    Walk into the kitchen of any leading chef in town—heck, the Northeast—and you’re likely to find at least one knife made by Adam Simha. I asked the knife maker about his design process and his previous work, including a stint making ice cream. You’ve made knives for so... Read More
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  • Scourtins_large
    Between this week’s running of the Boston Marathon and next week’s observance of Yom HaShoah, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of food in commemorating difficult—and oftentimes tragic—events. Food can mean comfort, like a homemade casserole delivered to a... Read More
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  • Icon_missing_thumb
    llo To all Now that Passover has ended and grilling season is upon us, we are presently restocking our shelves with the familiar items as well as new and exciting specialty foods. Starting next week we will be featuring our fresh pre marinated Meats, Turkey & Chicken. All marinades are made... Read More
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  • Jeremy_210_140_large
    Sure, it’s still Passover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to chametz, or, more specifically, beer! On Friday, April 25, Havurah on the Hill will be welcoming Jeremy Goldberg of the Cape Ann Brewing Company, the makers of Fisherman’s Brew,... Read More
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  • Img_2470_std_large
    Before the New Center for Arts & Culture held its first Mimouna celebration in Boston five years ago, most Bostonians had never heard this slightly odd-sounding word. (Now it’s so popular that you can read all about it in last week’s Boston Globe!) Even harder for most to believe... Read More
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  • Carp_large
    Sorry, everyone. I hate gefilte fish. While I respect those who eat it, and read with more than casual interest the piece in the Globe yesterday about the gefilte fish taste test, it’s never going to happen. The mélange of pike, whitefish, carp, and other nasty-ish... Read More
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  • Muffinsgood_large
    On Passover, we are reminded that we are not just a member of our immediate family or one specific community; as Jews, we are members of a bigger family, with millions of brothers and sisters all over the world. Boston’s Jewish community extends all the way to the Ukraine, to a city... Read More
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