October 25, 2014 / 1st of Chesvan, 5775
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  • Mockchoppedliver_large
    My younger sister and I are very similar. We both have dimples, an obsession with any four-legged creature, and an embarrassing love for reality TV. The place where we differ the most is when it comes to eating. I’ll try anything (and usually like it), while Jackie has a more, let’s... Read More
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  • Gcsandwich_large
    If you’ve been up and about the last few mornings, you’ve felt that tinge of coolness in the air. It’s that hint of fall; the promise of long sleeves, colorful leaves, and warm foods and spices. I’ve even seen a few commuters wearing light jackets and scarves during my... Read More
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  • Eggplant1_large
    Brisket, kugel and challah get a lot of Rosh Hashanah love, but to me, the Jewish New Year will always be the “apples and honey” holiday. This sweet pairing is the first thing most people—both those who celebrate it and those who don’t—think of when they consider... Read More
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  • 971199_632782500079989_1909786177_n_large
    New York City has more than 500 food trucks. Boston has almost 60. And now, Israel has one. In July, the “Auto-Ochel” (or “FoodTrip”) hit the streets of Jerusalem on its first stop of a three-week run. Part food truck and part pop up, this mobile kitchen has been stopping... Read More
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  • Pomicecream_large
    If you’ve ever cracked open a pomegranate, you know just how many seeds it’s capable of holding. There appear to be hundreds. And that’s exactly why pomegranates are eaten on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. In addition to serving the role of “new fruit,”... Read More
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  • Highholidays-8cocktails-blogpostheader.png
    We know everyone appreciates—and loves—the traditional Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur recipes: brisket, apple cake, bagels and lox…you know the drill. But this year we wanted to bring some of those holiday flavors (well, mostly the apple flavor) into the realm of adult... Read More
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  • Hotdogs2_large
    I have to admit, it was tough to recruit tasters for my initial hot dog tasting. That’s because instead of offering a plethora of juicy, kosher dogs like I’d originally planned, the field ended up being dominated by fake-meat alternatives masquerading as meat, but falling short of... Read More
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  • Salmon1_large
    Last weekend I participated in what I hope will become a new summer tradition: I attended a barn concert. It’s exactly what it sounds like. My parents’ neighbors are major supporters of the arts and also happen to have a beautiful, open-air wooden barn on their property. Every summer,... Read More
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  • Halvahphoto_large
    I’m in the throes of what I’ve dubbed the “Summer of Love.” I’ve hit the age where my Facebook feed is dominated by photos of engagements and newborns, and the only snail mail I get is wedding invitations and baby announcements. In the next three months, I’m... Read More
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  • Snap_pea1_large
    I tend to get in a rut when it comes to summer salads. I forget that “salad” doesn’t mean it has to have a base of leafy greens. Sure, some of the good ones do, but that definition just limits your options. The term is much more broad and becomes even more far-reaching in the... Read More
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