August 5, 2015 / 20th of Av, 5775
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  • Fetasalsa1.jpg
    As a former cheesemonger, my girlfriend gets a lot of questions when Shavuot rolls around, anything from how to put together a beautiful cheeseboard (for which you can find great guidelines here) to the best cheesecake recipe to make for dessert. Those are two excellent ways to honor the... Read More
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  • Smorepops3.jpg
    I recently noticed that there is now a recipe on Rolo bags for Rolo Bites, the bite-sized concoction that originated on Pinterest and has taken the party circuit by storm. With only two or three ingredients, you can have a dessert that everybody—and based on its popularity, I really... Read More
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  • Nutellabites.jpg
    Serving a mother breakfast in bed is a terrific, thoughtful idea. But it has some logistical issues, including stealthily preparing the meal so your light-sleeping target doesn’t arouse, and, if you accomplish that, anxiously watching her try to balance a plate full of pancakes in... Read More
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  • Cjp-logo-144x48
    Are you bold like jalapeño, enthusiastic like lemon, or confident like garlic? Take the quiz to discover your hummus personality. Read More
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  • Spring_rolls_2.jpg
    Not all of my friends enjoy cooking as much as I do. When they come over for dinner, they know we’ll do most of our chatting in the kitchen, they on a chair at the table and me at the stovetop, putting the finishing touches on our meal. These friends may be perfectly happy being... Read More
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  • Hummus.jpg
    I’ve been making my own hummus since college, and over the years I’ve developed an easy go-to recipe. But to keep things interesting, I like to make slight modifications. I’ll add extra-large doses of tahini for sesame richness, whisk in the olive oil by hand for a... Read More
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  • Peppers.jpg
    It’s very easy to overthink recipes, especially ones you’re preparing for a Boston Marathon viewing party to impress your friends. I’m pretty sure for me this is a side effect of graduating from culinary school: You think everything you make has to be a complicated... Read More
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  • Lourie.jpg
    We’ve come a long way from syrupy Manischewitz for the four cups of wine. This week I chat with Israeli winemaker Amichai Lourie. Amichai, who grew up locally, runs Shiloh Winery, so I asked him what makes a wine kosher and how he fills his four cups. What makes wine... Read More
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  • 2_turkeys.jpg
    No matter how you measure it, it’s been a long, dark, miserable winter. If you like to define winter via the astrological method, winter for you lasted from December 21-March 19. If, on the other hand, you prefer the meteorological measurement of December 1-March 1 you would have started... Read More
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  • Wine.jpg
    Thanks to the diverse land and a large community of devoted winemakers, Israel has long been regarded as an up-and-coming wine country. Now wines from that region are starting to get the attention they deserve—both in Israel and beyond. With these wines showing up in shops and... Read More
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