November 28, 2014 / 6th of Kislev, 5775
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  • Beef_jerky.jpg
    The meat sweats are real. I know this after spending my summer on an unplanned quest to eat as much beef jerky as I could get my carnivorous hands on. It started with a hiking trip with my friend Eric, who ordered the protein-packed, lightweight snack in bulk from Amazon before our... Read More
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  • Squash_toast.jpg
    Earlier this year, one of the hotly debated topics in the food world had to do with a certain one-ingredient dish. Some people enthusiastically believed it was high time this item got the recognition it deserved, while others expressed outrage over its exorbitant price tag on menus in... Read More
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  • Fluffpie.jpg
    A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure—nay, the honor—of judging one of the events that earns Somerville its quirky, eccentric reputation: the cooking contest at the city’s Fluff Festival. During this annual celebration presented by Union Square Main Streets,... Read More
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  • Istock_000004487361small.jpg
    From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur to Sukkot, we sure spend a lot of time in the fall reflecting on the past, present and future! Another thing we spend a lot of time doing this season? Eating! It just so happens to be a delicious season in New England, loaded with an array of apples, beets,... Read More
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  • 15-minutes.jpg
    Oh fancy hipster Rosh Hashanah dinner recipes, how I love thee. I read you and can only dream of cool kitchen appliances and going to Whole Foods, cruising the aisles for interesting ingredients, and slowly sipping adult beverages while pots simmer even more slowly on the stove. So for all you... Read More
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  • Pom_vin.jpg
    There are lots of ways to incorporate pomegranate into a Rosh Hashanah meal, and not all of them take the time or forethought of turning it into, say, ice cream, which I did last year. This time around, I’ve created a versatile recipe that uses the sweet-tart flavor of this “new... Read More
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  • Kid-pout-food.jpg
    To say that I’m a picky eater would be a gross understatement. I didn’t eat bananas until I was 25, I didn’t eat avocados until a few years later, and I generally steer well clear of condiments and sauces. It was so real that as I kid I would set up “barrier... Read More
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  • Kitchen_kibitz_cover.jpg
    Charred eggplant with coriander and pomegranate, schmaltzy potatoes with pickled lime, Yemeni honey cake with comb—just your typical Rosh Hashanah fare, right? Jeff Gabel, founder of the Jewish cuisine pop-up Kitchen Kibitz, just announced the menu for his Rosh Hashanah event.... Read More
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  • Imag2125
    Our Rosh Hashanah order deadline is this Friday, September 12th! In addition to our traditional dishes, such as from scratch Gefilte Fish (made with white-fish varieties this year), we have some new items: veg chopped liver & lentil-stuffed peppers. There's also our grandmothers meat... Read More
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  • Fried_rice.jpg
    Mia Scharpie and Gabe Fine are passionate about community. In their day jobs, Mia’s position as a landscape designer involves researching colleagues who work for social impact, and Gabe works on community-based health care in addition to managing a Boston food truck. Their love for the... Read More
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