March 30, 2015 / 10th of Nissan, 5775
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  • Horizontal_logo_without_badge_edited_final
    This show is going to be a riot! Three of today’s funniest Jewish female comics – Adrianne Tolsch, Cory Kahaney and Michele Balan – salute the trailblazing female pioneers of comedy at the Leventhal-Sidman JCC (333 Nahanton Street) in Newton on Saturday, April 9 (8pm) and... Read More
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  • Jewishboston_facebookavatar_400x400
    Here at JewishBoston, we went on a search for this year's winning Purim songs. We'll admit, it wasn't the easiest task, but here are the finalists we think you'll enjoy.                 Home for Purim scene from For Your Consideration.... Read More
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  • H_vs_l_medium
    A huge thanks to Paul Levy, who I saw at the Latke vs. Hamentashen debate for his delicious post on the spectacle. The following is cross-posted from his blog "Not Running a Hospital". Latke vs. Hamentashen, The Great Debate There's serious work that goes on at MIT. And then, thankfully, there... Read More
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  • No_photos_-_cropped_medium
      The paparazzi haven’t started following me (yet), but lately, I’ve been feeling like a Beantown superstar. Now, I’m no celebrity, but, in the last month or so, every time I begin to introduce myself people already know me. Me: Hello, I am Brian Fox, founder and... Read More
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  • Support-us-button_medium
    This year, JWA attempted a new fundraising strategy.  It's true. We appreciate every single donation, even if it is only $18. (Although you are certainly encouraged to give more!) When you support JWA, you are supporting educational programming like the Jewish social justice... Read More
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  • Lights_ignite_change_large
    As the last few days of the holiday approach, we're supposed to increase our light and joy -- that's why we add a candle ever night.  With that in mind, I have another batch of Chanukah songs to share.  Some are inspiring, some are ridiculous, but hopefully among the lot there's... Read More
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  • 2010-09-17-comic-113-the-naptime-story_large
    God bless the internet, for without the internet -- and specifically Twitter and YouTube in this case -- I never would have found Stupid Inventor. Stupid Inventor is the brainchild of Zachary Snyder a kipa-wearing young man who's been making YouTube videos inventions for the last two years. ... Read More
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  • Charlotte_large
    Charlotte Eccles channels Charlotte York of Sex And The City in her entry to the Video Contest.     Do you like it?  Don't forget to vote!  Think you can do better?  Prove it! And don't forget to buy your tickets to Lights ... Read More
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  • Jb_dresses_up_for_purim_large
    This entry comes from Moshe Barzilai on behalf of Shaloh House Chabad. JewishBoston dresses up for Purim. But what will he go as? Michael Jackson? Katy Perry? Lady Gaga? Watch to see!     Do you like it?  Don't forget to vote!  Think you can do... Read More
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  • Paris_medium
      Danielle Goldschneider may be in Paris, but her heart's in Boston.  Watch what she has to say about and let her know what you think.  Does she get your vote?         Do you like it?  Don't forget to vote! ... Read More
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