March 1, 2015 / 10th of Adar, 5775
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  • Turkeybeer.jpg
    Over the past few years I’ve been able to wrest control of Thanksgiving away from both sides of the family. No more multi-night sleepovers at the in-laws’. No more haggling over dishes and kid messes at my parents’ house. Now it’s all about getting our house ready for... Read More
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  • Siagel.jpg
    Memories made at Jewish summer camp and at bar mitzvahs stay with us for the rest of our lives. This week I chatted with Steven Siagel, president of Siagel Productions, about his more than 30 years providing entertainment and memories for families around Boston. I went to Camp Yavneh, and a... Read More
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  • Ann-green-small
    As we prepare to stuff turkeys and make cranberry sauce, we can also reflect on the Jewish connections to Thanksgiving.  The Puritans were serious students of the Bible, the Hebrew Bible as well as the New Testament.  They were deeply inspired by the texts and endeavored to live... Read More
  • Istock_000048369388_small.jpg
    Last year’s Thanksgivukkah may have been a once-in-a-lifetime mash-up deal (and I will forever treasure my Menurkey!), but as a holiday dedicated to family and thankfulness, Thanksgiving is always a perfect opportunity for American Jews to celebrate the reasons we have it pretty great... Read More
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  • Brie_app.jpg
    On Thanksgiving it takes so much energy to get all the main dishes to the table that I try not to worry too much about appetizers. Do we really need to provide our guests with something to eat before we eat? Hosting etiquette says we do, and I understand that it’s part of the... Read More
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  • Ark_head_closeup_final
    Where Is The Outrage? In light of a recent waves of Palestinian terrorist attacks in, and around, Jerusalem, let me just ask one question: where are the voices of outrage? Specifically why aren't there shouts of condemnation about these attacks - attacking civilians, attacking children,... Read More
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  • Picture
    Yediot Achronot – 24 Hours – “Healthy Times” May 11, 2014 By: Odit Danino Our lifestyle and body weight play an important role in the delay, development or prevention of various types of cancer. In addition, many of those who have had cancer and undergone... Read More
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  • Istock_000002334807_small.jpg
    Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me that the current approach to healing from the physical trauma of a concussion echoes my process of healing from other, emotional traumas. But of course I only speak for myself. Here’s a little bit of what it’s looked like and felt like for... Read More
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  • Wiseaging.jpg
    Posted by Marjie Sokoll “One ought to enter old age the way one enters the senior year at a university, in exciting anticipation of consummation.” -Abraham Joshua Heschel I first met Rabbi Rachel Cowan in New York City at a Jewish healing conference. It was November 3, 1998 and... Read More
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  • Db01
    There's so much awful news out of Israel recently that it's painful to even summarize. An infant run over at a light rail station. Soldiers run over waiting for a bus. A man stabbed in the back with a screwdriver. Four people shot and hacked to death in a synagogue during morning... Read More
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