May 25, 2015 / 7th of Sivan, 5775
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  • 4honorees-cropped.jpg
    Ellis and Barbara Morris & Karen and Michael Tichnor Outstanding Community Leaders Honored at 25th Annual JFS Seize the Dream Gala Every year, JFS of Metrowest recognizes area leaders and volunteers who have demonstrated an unfailing commitment and personal dedication to... Read More
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  • Bettyannmiller.jpg
    Posted by Betty Ann Miller as told to Jon Federman When I was a teenager, I survived Stage III Hodgkins, a lymphatic system cancer. The intensive year-long radiation and chemotherapy left me weakened and prone to chronic medical issues. Those challenges deepened my compassion for others and... Read More
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  • Janetechelman_phototodderickson_gep_9703b_s_1.jpg
    Have you had a chance to see Janet Echelman’s newest piece, “As If It Were Already Here?” The net of shimmering rope is floating over the Rose Kennedy Greenway through October, and it really is a must-see piece of art. This week I had... Read More
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  • Bad_blood.jpg
    No one is having more fun in this world than Taylor Swift. No one. Do you blame her? The golden goose that is “1989” keeps laying diamond-encrusted eggs, this summer’s arena tour is going to be titanic, and we’re three hit singles in to the new album and the freight... Read More
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  • Smorepops3.jpg
    I recently noticed that there is now a recipe on Rolo bags for Rolo Bites, the bite-sized concoction that originated on Pinterest and has taken the party circuit by storm. With only two or three ingredients, you can have a dessert that everybody—and based on its popularity, I really... Read More
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  • Roots_branches
    A Journey Into the Mysteries of the Soul of the World The Heart People regard Jerusalem as the spiritual capital of the world. There is definitely a special force there, which different people feel in differently ways. The force that people feel in Jerusalem is the spiritual root that... Read More
  • Csstalentnight.jpg
    Posted by Sandy Slavet Talent is hard to define, but it is even harder to describe. At our recent Chaverim Shel Shalom Talent Night I didn’t have to define it, because I got to see it! Members of Chaverim Shel Shalom (CSS), a social program for Jewish adults with psychiatric... Read More
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  • Fc_dnipro.png
    The whole world is talking about the upcoming clash between European superclubs Barcelona and Juventus in the Champions League final on June 6 in Berlin. Barcelona’s takedown of Bayern Munich, and Juventus’ surprising victory over the defending champions, Real Madrid, provided... Read More
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  • Fpuuyyamnuw.jpg
    Volunteering is a great way to help others, meet new people, develop useful skills, and learn about other cultures. Unfortunately, the problem that many would be volunteers run into is finding the opportunity that is a good fit for them. A student seeking a gap year volunteer experience, a... Read More
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  • Picture
    “I really would have liked to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah like other kids, at 13. But I want  to celebrate with you Ima so you can be happy and proud of me.” So went 11-year old Uriel’s speech at the pre-Bar Mitzvah celebration. A week ago, Uriel would not have believed... Read More
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