Cauliflower and Horseradish Cakes for Passover

1 head of cauliflower
6 T. horseradish (original recipe says 2 T., but I kept adding more because it wasn’t strong enough for me, so add however much you like!)
1 cup cake meal
3 egg whites
6 scallions, finely chopped (I kept adding more until the batter was evenly scattered with green)

Cut cauliflower into sections. Place a few sections in a microwave-safe bowl, fill halfway with water and microwave about 10 minutes until soft. Repeat with all of the cauliflower until the whole head is steamed. Put the head through a food processor, sections at a time, until cauliflower resembles a fluffy consistency. Put processed cauliflower in a large bowl. Add horseradish, cake meal, egg whites and scallions. Mix together. Add more scallions as desired; add more cake meal if the batter is moist. The mixture should resemble mashed potatoes. Heat a pan with olive oil. Form batter into small patty shapes and drop in hot oil. Fry on each side for about four minutes, until lightly browned. Place paper towels over a baking rack. Scoop patties onto paper towel to absorb excess oil. Serve with more horseradish if desired.

For Passover, I try to eat foods that don’t necessarily contain Passover ingredients, such as matzah. The cake meal in my patties is a Passover ingredient, but it doesn’t taste like most Passover foods taste. I try to eat a lot of eggs and yogurt, rather than fill up on matzah and matzah products. It’s also good motivation for me to eat more fruits and vegetables. I think I’ll make a frittata and a big salad for lunches during Passover. My mom makes Passover blueberry muffins, blintz muffins and rolls. The rolls are great when I’m craving a slice of bread. Passover is the one time a year I buy cream cheese, for no particular reason. I have nothing against cream cheese, I just never buy it. But on Passover, Temp Tee whipped cream cheese is my favorite!

This post was originally featured on The Foodies at Work.