February 14, 2016 / 5th of Adar, 5776
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Day Schools

Interested in Jewish day schools?

Greater Boston is blessed with more than 10 vibrant Jewish day schools. Each possesses distinctive characteristics, catering to a diverse set of students with different interests, socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. The dual commitment to general education and Jewish studies, shared by all of our schools, prepares students for the challenges ahead—in the classroom, and in life.

Finding the "right fit" for your child can be a rewarding process. It's an opportunity to think about what truly matters to you and your family. It takes visiting prospective schools and teachers, speaking to current school parents and imagining your child and your family in a new environment.

Some families are looking for small class sizes, nurturing environments and positive peer groups, while others seek an early second-language program. Still others want an academic experience steeped in the Jewish tradition of critical thinking and ethical behavior. Many are convinced by the positive experience of another family. From superior college preparatory programs to a variety of extra-curricular activities, there is truly something for everyone.

CJP's Discover Day School: an incentive to enroll.

Now, more than ever, with the introduction of CJP's Discover Day School Program, the time is right to explore which compelling reason might lead you to day school education for your child.

CJP's Discover Day School Program targets families in middle-tier income households who qualify for little or no financial aid, for whom paying full tuition would require significant sacrifice, and who have a child entering K-8th grade who will be the first in the family to attend day school.

Eligible families can qualify for a Discover Day School voucher covering 25 percent (up to $6,000) of their child's day school tuition in Greater Boston for three years.

To learn more, visit DiscoverDaySchool.org.