created at: 2012-04-16On Friday evenings Jewish families around the world gather for Shabbat dinner. Tables are set with white tablecloths and good dishes. Candles are lit and dinner begins with Kiddush, a prayer over wine; a song; and Motzi, a blessing recited over two loaves of challah. It’s a festive time when families can transition from their hectic lives to a more relaxed and spiritual place.

In honor of its Jewish traditions, JF&CS makes it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy this special meal and is looking for volunteers to help. The agency hosts two Shabbat dinners – a large community meal held at its Waltham Headquarters once a month and small, intimate gatherings at one of the seven JF&CS residential programs on the other Friday nights. The dinners are an important way for program consumers – adults living in a JF&CS residence or receiving staff support from JF&CS – to spend time together and enjoy this time honored tradition.

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