I know it’s not nice to laugh when people fall.

Yet, I couldn’t help giggle a bit when our very own Rachel Berry took a slick spill downward into a trash can! That followed the fact that my “high school jock” husband dumped her into the multi-color decoupaged rolling trashcan. The whole scene was pretty funny, but sadly we missed it on film…

Last Sunday the Eser committee gathered at Hebrew College to shoot a short film to share with all of you our Top Ten reasons to sign up for Eser. And we had a little fun with it – riffing off of Glee we each came dressed as a character from the show.  We had coach Sylvester, Puck, football players, cheerios and more of your favorites.

I have a feeling we caught some other fairly entertaining moments, so stay tuned for Eser’s very own Glee!

Laura Mandel


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 created at: 2011-12-28