May 23, 2015 / 5th of Sivan, 5775
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Kosher Food and Judaica

Whether you love to cook or just like to eat, this is the page for you. Jewish food conjures different images for different people—from brisket to hummus, kosher schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) to creative kosher for Passover recipes that struggle to taste like the original. As far as we're concerned, it's all part of our culinary tradition—and all around us in the Boston area! 

Judaica is also a long-standing tradition in Judaism in an effort to beautify the commandments, or mitzvot, we performWhether you're in the market for Shabbat candlesticks, searching for a tallis for a bar/bat mitzvah or just looking for a good book to read, find everything you need here.

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  • Smorepops3.jpg
    I recently noticed that there is now a recipe on Rolo bags for Rolo Bites, the bite-sized concoction that originated on Pinterest and has taken the party circuit by storm. With only two or three ingredients, you can have a dessert that everybody—and based on its popularity, I really... Read More
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  • Nutellabites.jpg
    Serving a mother breakfast in bed is a terrific, thoughtful idea. But it has some logistical issues, including stealthily preparing the meal so your light-sleeping target doesn’t arouse, and, if you accomplish that, anxiously watching her try to balance a plate full of pancakes in... Read More
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  • Recipe.png
    This Asparagus with Citrus and Oregano side dish will brighten up any meal. Along with adding fresh flavor, the oranges make this a great source of vitamin C. Try serving with grilled chicken and brown rice for a complete meal. Read More Read More
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  • Cjp-logo-144x48
    Are you bold like jalapeño, enthusiastic like lemon, or confident like garlic? Take the quiz to discover your hummus personality. Read More
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  • Spring_rolls_2.jpg
    Not all of my friends enjoy cooking as much as I do. When they come over for dinner, they know we’ll do most of our chatting in the kitchen, they on a chair at the table and me at the stovetop, putting the finishing touches on our meal. These friends may be perfectly happy being... Read More
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  • Hummus.jpg
    I’ve been making my own hummus since college, and over the years I’ve developed an easy go-to recipe. But to keep things interesting, I like to make slight modifications. I’ll add extra-large doses of tahini for sesame richness, whisk in the olive oil by hand for a... Read More
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  • 20+small
    Let's face it:  planning a wedding can quickly escalate into a whirlwind of guest list negotiations, figuring out what menu items will satisfy your gluten-free Aunt Louise and coordinating with dozens of vendors.  Carving out time with your partner to choose... Read More
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  • Peppers.jpg
    It’s very easy to overthink recipes, especially ones you’re preparing for a Boston Marathon viewing party to impress your friends. I’m pretty sure for me this is a side effect of graduating from culinary school: You think everything you make has to be a complicated... Read More
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  • Fruit_slices.jpg
    With memories of Thanksgivukkah still relatively fresh, this year gave us another nice celebratory (and not unprecedented) coincidence, with Easter falling on the second day of Passover, and the Red Sox season opener as a Monday postscript. As I rode down a traffic-free 128 this morning I was... Read More
  • Lourie.jpg
    We’ve come a long way from syrupy Manischewitz for the four cups of wine. This week I chat with Israeli winemaker Amichai Lourie. Amichai, who grew up locally, runs Shiloh Winery, so I asked him what makes a wine kosher and how he fills his four cups. What makes wine... Read More
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