To be honest I had gone through two years of being in the Yachad Gann Club without going to a single event. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go. The events always sounded like so much fun and all my friends would go. I just could never find the oomph in me to go. The ironic thing is the first event I attended to was the closing banquet. I went as an intern helping out with serving drinks and taking photos. And it was really fun! Everyone was very nice when I repeatedly asked if I could take a photo of them. Also people whom I did not know came up to me and introduced themselves. By the end of the event as I got in the car I had a huge smile on my face and was excited to do to be a part of Yachad all summer as an intern.

It turned out that being a Yachad intern was more then just going to fun events and meeting new people. As an intern I came into the offices and did some behind the scenes magic that you never see as a club member. Even though going to the events was not in my job description I went to Yachad’s Pizza and Parsha every Tuesday night. We would eat yummy Café Eilat pizza whilScreenshot 2016-08-23 at 1.33.48 PMe discussing the Parsha of the week. Someone made a joke about people going for the free pizza (which I totally can understand). But when I got there I could tell that everyone there was interested in the Parsha and would add there own opinions into the conversation. There were also many other fun events that I went to this past summer. Even though it is not summer anymore and now I am back in school instead of going to the Yachad offices everyday I go to school I still go to the fun events and help out with the Gann Yachad club.

To anyone on the fence about joining Yachad or going to an event I would say go! You will have a fabulous time doing things you would probably never do on your own while meeting new and amazing people.