As students, it may look like all of the time is taken up with studying and the time runs out fast!  There’s never time left over to spend with friends or family or just having a good time.  After a day of hectic classes, all students want to do is to be with their friends and relax.  So it’s no wonder students will procrastinate about their homework and maybe just not do it at all.

 That’s why it’s so important for them to get and stay organized. There are several ways to make the students’ life easier leaving the extra time to do what they choose.


Make a To-Do List – This should be done before going to bed at night.  Make a list of the things to be accomplished tomorrow.  It shows what the plan is to get things done and how to it quicker and more efficiently.  It also helps a person avoid doing the things that are not important.

Prioritize the To-Do List – Number the items on the list in the order they need to be done.  Be sure to put the most important ones at the top and the others towards the bottom of the list.  Remember, put what needs to be done ahead of what might be more fun to do.  Also, if there is a priority, which extends over time, put it at the bottom and work on it if there’s time.  Otherwise, work on it tomorrow.

Use Spare Time Effectively – Students usually don’t’ realize how much spare time is available to them.  On the way home from school, plan a strategy to finish the homework correctly and quickly.  This sets the idea of what needs to be done when arriving home.  The homework will go faster leaving more time to do something else.

Choose the Time to Study – Students need to figure out what time is best for them to do their homework.  Some do it right after school, and some prefer doing it after dinner.  If it’s easier to do math homework in the afternoon, then do it.  If a student does better in the evening, then that’s the best time for them.  It’s important to pick a time that’s best for them and then keep that schedule.

Note Taking – Always keep notes!  Take notes in class whenever possible.  It’s been proven that people remember more of what they write than what they read.  Writing helps to grasp a subject better.  And remembering the information is easier.  It’s a good idea to review the notes while doing the homework.  That way, if the teacher gives a quiz the next day, the student is prepared.

Sleep – It’s imperative that students get adequate sleep at night.  It’s not healthy and causes stress if students are studying when they should be sleeping.  If sleep is needed – sleep.  Studying at this time will probably be a waste of time.  Set the alarm for an hour early, get some sleep, and finish the homework the next morning.

Everything that needs to be accomplished is possible with proper organization.

The volume of information that’s available through technology is impressive in today’s digital world.  There are computers, smartphones, tablets, gadgets, and other devices to assist students in dealing with all of the data available.  These tools are continuing to grow in popularity in education, the writing of essays, note taking, and so on.

Maybe some of the apps here will make going to school and doing homework easier and more fun.

1.  MyHomework

This app is a checklist for homework assignments and also serves as a reminder to study.  Once the assignment is completed, swipe it to the right, and it’s gone from the list.

2.  gFlash

To use for quizzes or tests, students can create their own flashcards with this app.  It can be downloaded from Microsoft Excel or Google Doc to make studying easy and fast.

3.  Mathway

This exceptional tool helps students complete their mathematics homework problems.  The students simply type in the equation and click “Enter.”  The problem is solved, and it shows how this answer was reached.

4.  Evernote

Through Evernote, audio, video, and images files can be saved from the Internet, and it will turn everything into savable notes.  This tool can be synced with smartphones and notebooks. 

5.  Khan Academy

This is an app that’s interactive offering students the ability to refresh what they’ve already learned in classes.  This app features extensive articles on an array of subjects through reading, exercises, and videos.

6.  Trust Essays

This is a tool used for helping with creating and proofreading writing assignments. They also have a great blog with a lot of ideas for your essay topics and other inspirational information.

7.  SlideRocket

This app is used to create professional presentations using materials from a huge library of audio and graphic data.  These are very difficult to find elsewhere on the Internet.

It’s all about organization.  None of the steps above are difficult to incorporate into a student’s life so use them and reap the benefits.  Use any or all of the FREE apps that were shown to assist with the schoolwork and life will become easier.  Time is short so use it wisely!