We’ve known since the publication of the Synagogue 3000 study a year ago that there’s evidence children of interfaith families bring a more spiritual perspective to Judaism. Indeed, interfaith families bring a lot that’s positive to the Jewish community–but can we recognize it? Ed Case asks Are Attitudes Towards Intermarriage Changing? in response to a new piece by J.J. Goldberg at the Forward. More Jewish leaders need to recognize that a family with an unconverted non-Jewish parent participating in raising a Jewish child is not sub-optimal, but instead is a positive Jewish outcome equal to any other.

If you are in such an interfaith family, you may have found a welcome in the Jewish community–especially here in Boston, where the community as a whole is committed to being open. But have you found spiritual fulfillment? I took on the surprisingly challenging assignment of writing a Jewish Spirituality Resource Guide, full of ideas and links. Go take a look and let me know what you think.