For over 25 years, CARE Laser has provided state-of-the-art technology and personal service to clients around the world. Since summer of 2015, they have opened four spas in MA (Boston, Newton, North Andover and Worcester) and have plans for further expansion.

Treatments at CARE Laser achieve better results with less pain than more traditional methods and also cost less in terms of both time and money.

How do you define your venture?

Lilach (2)Based in Israel, Care Laser specializes in laser hair removal and additional medical services, and has successfully expanded through Europe.  It is the market leader in Israel and in Europe, where laser hair removal is part of the beauty regimen for women and men.  Now Care Laser is targeting expansion in the US.  Care Laser has opened four clinics in MA, its first locations in the US.  Care Laser is known for its state of the art technology with the award-winning Soprano Ice Laser, a trained team of professionals and an innovative packaging program acclaimed for its flexibility and affordability.

What gave you the idea?

Being the leader in laser hair removal in Israel and Europe, it is the natural next step to expand into the US.  We chose MA as we recognize it is still an untapped market here.  The educated consumer and the seasonality of New England are appealing to us, as we see a need for our services.  Be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter – there is time to plan a laser hair removal program and to experience the immediate benefits.  Care Laser provides the benefits of a luxury program without luxury pricing, and we find New Englanders recognize and appreciate the state of the art services and the immediate and long-term results.

Who is your customer base or demographic?

70% female, 30% male, ages 20-45

Our clients live both in the city and in the suburbs. Given our locations: Downtown Boston, Newton, North Andover and Worcester, guests are able to schedule a treatment where they live or where they work. The program is flexible and guests can visit the different sites depending upon their schedules.

We are finding that in Massachusetts the majority of our clients are first time guests, who are finding us via our reputation, marketing efforts and word-of-mouth.  We have a high percentage of referred guests; which is wonderful! That means that our guests are having a great and successful experience and sharing it with their friends and family.

How do you hope to fit into the market?

It is all about educating the consumer.  Once the consumer understands what we offer and that we are the laser hair removal leader in Israel and in Europe, and we are the only company in MA with this state of the art Soprano Ice Laser, trust starts to be established.  In Israel and Europe, laser hair removal is part of the standard beauty regimen. It is considered an essential service. So we are bringing our reputation and experience from Israel and Europe to the USA and the word is spreading.  It is all about educating the consumer, letting them know of these services and that these services are easy, efficient, essential, painfree and affordable. It is a beauty service with immediate and long-term results.

What do you most need to be a success?

We need to establish trust with our guests and then they tell their friends and family. Our goal is to get the word out that we are the laser hair removal experts in Israel and Europe where it is a part of the daily beauty regimen, and then people feel more comfortable and confident scheduling an appointment.  We are finding that in New England the consumer is curious what laser hair removal is all about  – many have not experienced it yet.  Once they discover it is easy to schedule, virtually pain-free and affordable – then we are achieving success.  It is a beautifully effective process with instant gratification as well as long term beauty benefits.


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