Whether we work one job or many, or even if we are looking for work or working from home, everyone is busy. We all need someone to lend a hand every now and then to help us keep our heads above water.

Fortunately, there is Lisa Schreider of Lisa’s Hands of Time Concierge.

After graduating from Brandeis and achieving her Masters at Boston University, the Newton native handled marketing and public relations jobs for various startups. When her own job was cut during layoffs, Schreider came up with the entrepreneurial idea of making some extra money by doing odd jobs and errands for people in the area.

For the last 15 years, Lisa’s Hands of Time Personal Concierge Services has been taking care of errands, shopping, organizing, research, wait services, household/home office management and much more for clients all over the Greater Boston area.

How do you define your venture?            

Lisa’s Hands of Time Personal Concierge Services aims to help people simplify their daily lives, giving them time to spend on what matters most. By taking tasks, errands, projects, research and other “to-dos” off their plate, we bring them peace of mind and more time in their day.

What gave you the idea?            

Even as a child, I had the entrepreneurial spirit. I always wanted to be the boss whenever my sister Wendy and I played banker, café owner, jewelry store owner, or school teacher. Deep down, I always knew I wanted to help people and help make people’s lives easier. But, it was not until I lost my job in 2001, that I had the opportunity to start a business like this.

Who is your customer base or demographic?

Truthfully, anyone who needs more time. We help a variety of clients; busy parents, single moms, business professionals (and many who travel often), snowbirds, senior citizens, anyone going through or planning a big life event, such as moving, downsizing, getting married, having a baby, new job, going through a divorce, or anyone that is searching for more time and less stress in their daily lives. You don’t have to be a millionaire or a celebrity to have a personal concierge. Everyone is a VIP at Lisa’s Hands of Time Concierge.

How do you hope to fit into the market?      

We offer a wide array of personalized, customized services tailor made for each client we have. Our business has evolved over time, and I have helped clients prepare for and live through major life cycle, personal and career related moments in their lives. Whether you need a one-time errand, weekly or monthly tasks or once a year, we are here for YOU!

What do you most need to be a success? 

Trust and honesty are probably the most important items for success. My clients trust me in their homes, with their families, their businesses and their personal private information. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I value the 4 R’s: one needs to be Responsible, Reliable, Resourceful and Respectful of their clients. We customize and personalize our services to fit our clients’ needs. Some of our clients have been with us for 13+ years, and that speaks volumes.