Somerville Symphony Orkestar

Hello everyone!  I would like to formally introduce the Boston Jewish scene to a band that mixes a lot of Jewish music with Balkan, Russian, Rock, Reggae and Funk.  It is the Somerville Symphony Orkestar. They have played live on Chagigah (WERS’s klezmer radio show) and have had a great response to their first album. You can read a review here

The SSO beats Balkan, Klezmer, and traditional Russian music into a funk-punky pulp sure to beef up and beautify your life.  The SSO spectacle is a carnivalized punk show that turns its audiences into equal parts mosh-pit and horah. Complex six-piece arrangements reign in the chaos only to explode in shuddering amounts of craziness.

You can get more information at I hope you take the time to listen to the samples and come out to the next couple of shows!