Every once and a while we need to call upon our supporters for assistance. The Personal Care Items shelves of our Lucy and Joe Food Pantry are quite bare, and always in need among our clients. Please consider donating.


These items are not covered by Food Stamps and are always in high demand.

·       Deodorant—men’s and women’s, scented and un-scented

·       Toothpaste/Toothbrushes

·       Mouthwash/floss

·       Shampoo—men and women

·       Soap/body wash

·       Cotton balls—Qtips

·       Medical supplies—Bandaids, antiseptic ointment

·       First Aid supplies, First Aid kits

·       Tylenol/Advil

·       Paper Products!

·       Toilet Paper

·       Paper Towels

·       Boxes of Tissues

·       Cleaning Supplies

·       Laundry Supplies

·       Plastic bags—all sizes

·       Sponges

·       Bath puffs

·       Combs/Brushes/Hair supplies

·       Cosmetics (unused)

·       Hand lotion—Unscented

·       Body lotion—Unscented

Baby Items Needed:

·       Diapers size 3-6

·       Diaper Wipes

·       Baby Body Wash

·       Shampoo

·       Children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste

created at: 2011-02-01