On Sunday, January 30th,JFS of Metrowest, in partnership with Temple Beth Am of Framingham, JFS’ Adoption Choices, CJP Commission on Jewish Connection and Engagement and the Jewish Family Network of Metrowest will hold a celebration of adoption in the Jewish community.

The celebration, which will take place from 4:00-6:00pm at Temple Beth Am, will feature a musical performance from the Temple Beth Am Youth Choir. A professional magician and balloon specialist will also be performing.  The Temple’s Spiritual Leader, Cantor Jodi Schechtman will lead the celebration. Schechtman and her husband, Gene, adopted through Adoption Choices, JFS’ non-profit international and national adoption agency.

“Adoption is such an extraordinary experience for those lucky enough to be touched by it,” says Schechtman. “I believe that community outreach is important for those who have experiences with or may be contemplating adoption. Adoption is a special thing—this is not a lesser way to build a family.” 

JFS of Metrowest hopes the celebration will draw the Jewish community closer by celebrating the wide range of diversity. “Adoption is an important way that many couples and individuals have created a family,” says Marc Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer for JFS of Metrowest. “It has added incredible richness and diversity to the entire Jewish community; and it touches everyone: the adoptive family and their extended family, friends, neighbors and our community as a whole.”

If you have a personal experience with adoption or if adoption is an option you’re considering for your family, join JFS and friends on this special day. Rsvp to Lucia Carballo at lcarballo@jfsmw.org or 508-875-3100 xt.160. Walk-ins accepted. All are welcome.


created at: 2011-01-14