Heather Ganitsky is a mom of two and participated in Parenting Through a Jewish Lens at Mayyim Hayyim in Newton.

Before I became a mom, I was a middle school math teacher. Every weekend, I spent time working and reworking my lesson plans to make sure my students would be able to understand the material. On week nights, I graded quizzes and tests to see how I was doing as a teacher in helping them comprehend the difficult concepts. Sometimes, I had to shift my plans for the following day if we did more or less than I expected.

However, when I became a wife and then a mom, I switched from a mode of reflecting to a mode of just getting things done. I spent little to no time thinking about what I was going to do or how things went after I did them.  I just did what I thought best at the time.  I have always loved staying home with my kids and take my job very seriously.  But until Parenting Through a Jewish Lens I rarely reflected on my parenting choices.

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created at: 2012-02-09