Limmud, the international sensation of Jewish experiential learning for the past 30 years, is coming to New England. A celebration of all things Jewish, annual Limmud conferences can be found in over 46 cities. The first LimmudBoston takes place October 30-31, 2010, at Temple Israel of Boston.

LimmudBoston is a communiversity, a happening, a Jewish learningfest of culture and identity. From storytelling, music and meditation to Torah and Talmud, LimmudBoston offers inspiration and education – and engages beginners and scholars alike.  Discuss, listen, watch and wonder–in workshops that explore lifecycle, Israel, spirituality and identity. Dance and clap; sing and shop; bake and taste!

At 7:30 pm Saturday, October 30th, LimmudBoston kicks off with Havdalah and a concert featuring musical sensation Julie Silver. After the concert there will be a plethora of performance options to choose from, followed by a musical “kumsitz” sharing session.

On Sunday, October 31st, from 9 am to 6:30 pm, there will be presentations for all generations. This volunteer-driven extravaganza welcomes singles and families, seasoned seekers and the casually curious. Your LimmudBoston ticket costs only $36 to attend and admits both days.

Everyone is invited to get involved in LimmudBoston. To register for the conference, to volunteer, to join in the fun, go to