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Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman announced this month that the Bay State has completely divested state pension funds from companies doing business with Iran. Companies on the state’s list did nearly $100 million in business with Iran last year.

created at: 2012-01-27Just a week later, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed his state’s Iran Divestment Act. Nationwide, 17 other states now have laws on the books divesting from companies doing business with Iran, according to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. But most states still must take action to make sure state funds and taxpayer money cannot help Iran develop nuclear weapons.

Take action! As Bay State residents, we can urge our friends outside of Massachusetts to tell their lawmakers in 32 states to divest all state funds from Iran. Additionally, Israel’s supporters, including AIPAC, JCPA, ADL and American Jewish Congress and many more have joined together to push for alternatives to our dependence on foreign oil and help stop Iran from earning $100 million a day on oil exports.  Click here to sign the petition and make your voice heard.