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General Questions

What is is, well, a website for Jews in Greater Boston. Here you'll find an immediate connection to all the amazing things that are happening in Boston for Jews right now. Discover links to cultural events (music, dance, film, lectures, cooking classes), Jewish education (courses, lectures, trips), organizations (synagogues, community centers, professional networking) and lots more.

Why did CJP create

Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) created to connect young adults (and everyone else) with the best that our community has to offer. A quick Google search reveals the void will fill. While there are hundreds of amazing Jewish organizations, schools, cultural events and synagogues, it's hard to make sense of them all—or connect with them—online. CJP identified this void in its 2008 Strategic Plan and decided to create this very cool tool to help serve the community.

I forgot my username and password...what do I do?

Just click on that "Forgot Password?" link on every page—top right corner. If you're an organization, click in the same place and follow the easy instructions.

Will you share my personal data with any other organizations?

No. The data collected by belongs to CJP. It's managed in a separate database from CJP records, and your privacy in maintained. We don't plan on using your personal data for fundraising by CJP. We won't share your information with any other organization. When you register for an event, you're obviously sharing your information with that organization yourself. We don't control how they use your information, so check with a particular organization. Read the Privacy Policy for more of the details. (Nothing tricky.)

Is there a charge for becoming a member of

Nope. It's absolutely free.

Who can advertise on

At the moment, there is no paid advertising on Events and services from local Jewish organizations are sometimes featured in the right column and in our main homepage banner. The editors decide which organizations to feature based on a variety of criteria. 

How do I make suggestions about improving

Click the "Feedback" link at the bottom of any page.

Who gets to post events?

Organizations offering activities that are of interest to Boston's Jewish community are encouraged to post events on Most organizations have their own accounts on the site and post their events regularly. However, anyone can post an event by clicking on the "Add Your Event" button on the homepage and the events landing pages. If you add an event, it will be reviewed by the editors and then published if they decide it is of interest to the community.

How do I find events near me?

You can do this in a number of ways. On the homepage, just click "Near me" and you'll see the events closest to your ZIP code. Or go to the Events pages and click the proximity filter at the left top of the page. Or, better yet, join and set your "Events Selection" preferences with a proximity selector.

How does know where I'm located when I'm not logged in? uses this great technology called GeoIP that allows the system to locate your computer so that we can show you events closest to your location without you having to log in. The system does nothing else with this information than present proximity-related events for you.

How can I get notices for just the events that interest me?

Sign up for personalized events e-mails. If you've joined, you've already set that up in your "Events Selections" preference. Just click, "Yes, send me my personalized email weekly" at the bottom of the page. If you haven't joined, do it so you can get personalized e-mails.

How do I create blog posts?

You can create a new blog by clicking on the "Add a Blog" button on the homepage and the various blog pages. Or you can add a comment to an existing conversation. For obvious reasons of authenticity and transparency (don't you love those words?), you need to join to blog. Here are more detailed instructions for blogging, and here are some quick tips for successful blogging.

Is the information in my profile public?

You decide. When you create a profile, your site nickname is the only thing that needs to be public. You can also add some information about yourself, create a blog byline, add a picture and/or include your real name. It's all up to you.

How do I deactivate my account?

Log in and click on the Admin button, then click on Settings and then click on the link at the bottom of the screen to deactivate. Deactivating your account will remove your profile from the site.

How do I remove my information from

Log in and click on the Admin button. Click on the Profile link and remove or change any information. If you want to remove your profile completely, click on the link at the bottom of the screen to deactivate your account.

What methods of payment do you accept for event registration?

The organizations holding the events determine the kinds of payments allowed for their events.

How do you define an organization that can post events?

Any organization that is serving the Jewish community in the Greater Boston area qualifies for participation on In general, Greater Boston is defined by the area currently served by CJP. If you are an organization outside of the Greater Boston area but you offer services for those living in Boston (such as summer camps), you probably qualify.

How do I get started?

Hopefully someone from your organization has attended one of the many trainings offered by about how to get started on the site. If that hasn't happened, please contact to get started. 

How do I post events?

When you get set up with an account, you will have an "Admin" tab on your menu bar. By clicking on the Admin tab, you have access to a full array of functionality that includes event management, blog postings (Voices), directory listing management and photo management, along with a plethora of site usage reports. Here are more detailed instructions for posting events.

Can I edit my events once posted?

Absolutely. If you are logged in and you are an event administrator for your organization, all you have to do is click on the Admin tab and then the Events tab, and all of your events will show up. You can edit your event, take it off the calendar temporarily, or even cancel it. If you cancel it, you should have the ability to have it show up as cancelled. You can also close registration.

What's considered a young adult event?

In partnership with The Network, we've developed the following guidelines. A young adult (e.g. 20/30s) event is one that meets at least one of the following criteria:

1.    The event is presented by an organization that specifically targets the young adult or college community
2.    The event is specifically targeted to the young adult community (e.g. presented by a synagogue or other organization for the 20s/30s demographic)

The following events may also be applicable:

1.     A social justice event accessible by public transportation
2.     Cultural events accessible by
public transportation
3.     Selected large-scale community events

The team will carefully review events tagged for young adults to ensure that the events are of particular interest to this population.

How do I set up a blog for my organization on

When you get set up with an account, you will have an Admin tab on your menu bar. You can add blog posts through the "Our Voices" link. Your post is published to your directory listing (under the Resources tab), as well as on the Voices pages that you have identified when you created the post. If your organization already has a blog outside of, you can link to it in your directory listing. Here are more detailed instructions for blogging, and here are some quick tips for successful blogging.

Can I solicit donations?

Yes. offers e-commerce functionality to all participating organizations that create accounts. The organization web pages are designed to include a donation box if you wish. Donation payments are processed through Amazon Payments.

Can all organizations use the e-commerce functionality on the site?

Any group that is a 501(c)(3) and has a directory listing on can use the e-commerce functionality provided on the site. Currently, organizations or businesses that are for-profit entities cannot make use of the e-commerce system.

More Questions?

Please send us a note at