February 6, 2016 / 27th of Shvat, 5776
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Community Guidelines

Here’s the deal—all of us want JewishBoston.com to thrive. Here are a few community guidelines to make that happen:

1.  JewishBoston.com is committed to representing our diverse Jewish community, and we welcome a broad spectrum of viewpoints. In fact, we encourage conversation about our differences. Remember to...

  • Play nice, or at least be civil. Treat others in the community as you’d like to be treated.
  • Don’t be offensive, don’t name call, and don’t bully. We hope the community will be self-moderating, but we will remove content that is intended to offend or hurt. All too often the web is a place that polarizes us. That’s not the goal here.

2.  We Jews are especially passionate about Israel, and with our widely differing opinions, it’s not always comfortable for us to stand together under one “big tent.” So here are a few guidelines about Israel:

  • We believe that Israel’s security depends on a strong American Jewish community that upholds the basic principle of Israel’s right to exist, in safety and security.
  • We encourage diverse points of view and civil dialogue about Israel. We recognize that Jews have many opinions and that having a safe place for differing viewpoints can strengthen our community and Israel.
  • We will remove content posted by individual bloggers who advocate for divestment, a one-state solution or deny Israel’s right to exist, as well as bloggers writing on behalf of organizations whose mission is the same.

3.  Our events guidelines are pretty straightforward. We accept the following:

  • Events being produced or co-sponsored by a Jewish organization
  • Events with Jewish content, subject to the approval of the JewishBoston.com editorial team

4.  Events and blogs, which are contributed by third parties, are featured at the discretion of the editors. Featuring an event or blog does not imply endorsement of the opinions, facts or media expressed by this content on the part of JewishBoston.com or its editors.

5.  See the Terms & Conditions if you want the details.