I scoured the fridge,

The stove cleaned itself,

I scrubbed the windows

And sponged every shelf.


I cleansed the cabinets

Then mopped the floor.

Did I miss anything?

Should I clean some more?


I windexed the windows,

And brushed the cat,

I vacuumed the rugs

And the welcome mat.


I drove to Scrub-A-Dub

To clean the car.

When it comes to cleaning

I’m a Jewish star.


The bathroom’s pure,

The closets are clear.

I polished the candlesticks

And the silverware.


Let me wipe out the chametz,

Destroy the dirt.

Stay out of my way

And no one gets hurt.


I see no more stains,

I see no dirt.

Yet every moment

I’m on dirt alert.


Is that a crumb on the counter?

A spot on the sink?

There’s no end to the task

The more I think.


Well, that’s enough.

It’s best I don’t look.

Besides it’s time

I start to cook.