created at: 2011-04-04It all started with one of those snarky conversations among good friends from different religious backgrounds. We were trading stories about Easter and Passover, and when I mentioned that I liked to experiment with matzah ball soup recipes, they said, “when are we coming over?”

A date was set, and when my friend Sarah asked me what she could bring, I impulsively said, “Peeps! We’ll make s’mores out of them with matzah!” I was half-joking, but Sarah delivered, and a tradition was born. Here’s the recipe:

1 sheet matzah, broken into four squares

2 Peeps, separated

1 1.55 oz Hershey bar, broken in half


1. Put two pieces of matzah on a plate, and top each one with one of the Hershey bar halves.

2. Put a Peep on top of each matzah square.

3. Place in microwave, and heat on high for about 30 seconds (melted to taste).*

4. Remove and top each with the remaining matzah squares.

5. Serve hot. Animating your s’mores and posting the video online is optional.

*Alternatively, you can toast the Peep-chocolate-matzah combinations in the toaster oven on a lined baking pan, but keep a close eye on them; you don’t want your Peeps to burn. Much.