February 14, 2016 / 5th of Adar, 5776
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JVS CareerSolution provides job search coaching, career counseling, networking opportunities, and career seminars to professionals looking for new jobs and career change, including services targeting members of the Jewish community. Clients range from recent college grads starting their careers to professionals across the spectrum of careers.

Located in Boston, we also have a satellite office in Newton on 61 Chapel St. (part of the Geek Offices). To contact our Newton office, please call 617-795-1964.

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  • By: Alyson Weiss, Career Moves Social Media Specialist

    Ah, Twitter. The little blue bird with the complicated grammar structure - If I sent a tweet in the past, did I tweet it? Tweeted it? Twa - whoa now.

    Twitter's complicated grammar isn't the only problem professionals face using the social media platform. With the inundation of Twitter horror stories, many job seekers and career developers struggle to understand what Twitter has to offer to them.

    Which is too bad, because T...

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  • By: Amy Mazur, Career Counselor
    Sam was used to living a comfortable lifestyle.  He made smart financial choices, and never feelt like he had to cut corners or sacrifice any of the amenities that he and his family enjoyed.  There were family vacations, occasional dinners out with friends, and even a trip to the theatre every once in a while.  His children enjoyed being involved in extracurricular and enrichment activities, and he was able to afford a new car when the one he...

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  • By: George Zeller, Resume Writer

    With the job market becoming more competitive each time there is a recession (and the effects of this last one is still present), job hunters have to crank up their resumes to meet the new demands of the job search.

    Nowadays, to say in line with your competition, you have to customize each resume. You may need to change the Summary, the order of the bullets listed under your jobs in your Experience section, or add/subtract bullets that are more...

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  • By: Lindsey Kirchoff, millennial marketing expert, former HubSpot inbound marketer, and Careers & Beers speaker

    Employees used to have to rely on employers to climb the career ladder, but today, we have the internet! Building a strong online career presence can lead to better connections within your industry, freelance work, speaking and writing gigs, publicity and of course, new career opportunities.

    Sounds awesome? That’s because it is. Here are some steps you can take today to grow you...

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  • By: Martha Plotkin, Lead Career Counselor

    This is the second part in a 2-part series about Networking for Introverts. Read the first post here.

    Have you ever dragged yourself to a big networking meeting and then lost your nerve after seeing all these strangers happily chatting with one another? 

    - How in the world, - you might have wondered, - can I ever join one of these conversations and not appear to be an interloper?  

    Yes, it seems daunting, but you can do ...

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  • By: George Zeller,  Senior Employment Specialist

    One of the hardest things for introverts to do is to talk about themselves and be in the limelight. Yet, introverts are good at building and maintaining relationships.

    This means that introverts can excel at networking and informational interviewing when they know how to do it on their own terms.

    Two Networking Tips for Introverts

    1Ask Questions to Take Off the Conversational Pressure

    Introverts have good listening ...

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  • By: Judy Sacks, Director of Career Moves


    As consumers, hardly a day passes that we aren't faced with the need to make choices and decisions.  And with TV, radio, the web and social media coming at us 24/7, it is sometimes hard to sort out empty claims,  hype and fancy trappings  from accurate, solid information on which to base our decisions.

    But we at Career Moves can help when you need to make a decision on where to get help for finding a first job, a new ...

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  • By: George Zeller, Job Search Coach

    Job hunting has often been described as one of, if not the toughest job one has ever had. The job market is always competitive, especially in Boston. That’s why it’s wise to enlist all the support you can and be current on job search strategies and techniques. Job search coaching is one way to get you a better job faster, regardless of your industry, level, or work history.

    What is Job Search Coaching?

    It is customized coaching t...

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  • By: Susan Munter, Owner of Style Agent & facilitator for our upcoming workshop Make Your Clothes Work for You: Dressing for the Job Search

    I’m not interested in your elevator speech. You won’t impress me with your Problem-Action-Result story. And I could really care less about your resume.  Why?  Because I’m not listening, I’m looking.  And I’m not just looking at your clothes, I’m looking at your body.

    While what you wear on an interview o...

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  • By: Sarah Binning, Communications Coordinator of City-Year Boston

    “I don’t have a Twitter account. To be honest, I just don’t get it.”

    Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone say this.

    Raise your hand if you’ve every thought this.

    I’ll admit I used to be one of those people. The handful of individuals I knew who were on Twitter used the platform like a mass texting device, updating their followers on their every move. What I didn’t realize was t...

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