October 30, 2014 / 6th of Chesvan, 5775
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Prozdor: The High School of Hebrew College

A program of Hebrew College

Prozdor offers hundreds of Jewish teens a rigorous and meaningful program of Jewish studies with a strong commitment to Hebrew language. Teens explore all facets of Judaism through many modes—from Jewish visual and performing arts to intensive text study to travel programs around the US and the world.

Our Blogs

  • It was another interesting day at Prozdor on October 19th; here’s just a taste of what was happening!



    One of Daniel Parmer’s most popular classes, “Jews of Beantown,” embarked on a 3-hour walking tour of Jewish Boston, beginning with a visit to the Charles Playhouse, which, before it was home to the Blue Man Group, hosted the first Jewish community in Boston. They made their way through the Theater District and South End as they talked abou...

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  • It’s been a big few weeks for Prozdor.

    1. One of our alumni, Safra Catz (P ’79), was named the CEO of Oracle.
    2. Another one of our alumni, Robert Kraft (P ’58), saw his New England Patriots crush the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals in back-to-back games and improve to 4-2 on the season
    3. Actress Mayim Bialik tweeted and Facebooked about Prozdor’s October 19 college fair.

    Mayim Bialik? Really? How did this come to pass?

    Bialik, of The Big Bang...

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  • It was a typically diverse and interesting day at Prozdor on October 5: here’s just a taste of what was happening!


    In Jennifer Gordon’s “Feast, Fast, and Foliage” class, we had a special guest from The Best Bees company who came along with a few dozen of her close friends… a beehive of honey bees! We learned about wax, varieties of seasonal honey, and how to make your gardens more hospitable to honey bees by planting a variety of ...

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  • created at: 2014-02-27lana Pavlotsky is a junior at Needham High School and recently returned from traveling to Ukraine on Havayah
    , a fellowship run by Prozdor for teens from Boston, Haifa, and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, to run 10 days of programming for Jewish elementary school students there. Ilana, who comes from a Ukrainian family herself, is a passionate ballroom dancer and active at Temple Beth Avodah in Newton. Before she left, we spoke with her about dancing, the Ukrainian-American culture ga...

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  • created at: 2013-12-12David Krieger and Susan Musinsky are the parents of Rebecca and Eli Krieger. Rebecca, a senior at Watertown High School and a Bronfman Fellow, has been involved with Prozdor for five years and is currently a participant in the 12th grade Moreshet program. Her brother, Eli, is in 9th grade at Watertown High School and entering his second year at Prozdor. David, a doctor, and Susan, the head of a non-profit for social entrepreneurs, are very connected in the Jewish community and are ...

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  • created at: 2013-11-07Ariel Bavly, a Prozdor 9th grader and student at Newton South High School, has a remarkable array of talents in the performing arts. In addition to her studies, Ariel is establishing herself as a songwriter, actress and dancer. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with many eminent artists (including her father).

    We are excited to have Ariel at Prozdor, where she is expanding her creative and Jewish passions. Ariel took a few minutes after Prozdor last Sunday to discuss her ...

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  • created at: 2013-08-08One of the most exciting new offerings at Prozdor this fall will be a science, technology, engineering and math module in which students explore the intersection of Judaism and science in new and creative ways. We have tapped Acton, Mass. native Jessica Silverman, a newly minted Ph.D., to teach this section. Here, Silverman talks about her background, her love of science and her new role at Prozdor.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I am a perpetual student, always seeking out new...

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  • Enough talking. The future is now.created at: 2012-11-26

    After an intense process of information gathering, brainstorming, focus groups, and conversations that has taken the better part of a year, we are thrilled to share with Jewish Boston our Program Guide for the next few years.

    We have taken very seriously our mandate and challenge to create the school of the future for Jewish teens, one that teaches, challenges, mentors, and develops a new generation of Jewish leaders. Our focus on student choice...

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  • Kids don’t know how lucky they have it.created at: 2012-10-18

    They go to school, get driven to sports and music classes, have play dates, watch TV, get food prepared for them and are only inconvenienced by doing homework. Generally speaking, they get to pursue their interests and passions with the support of their parents.

    Enter Prozdor. 

    Prozdor hazily exists somewhere between passion and compulsion. Yes, parents like to make their kids go to Prozdor (and for that, I thank them), but once...

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  • Time is too precious to be wasted.created at: 2012-11-26

    Especially when you’re a teenager and everything is moving faster and faster.

    So why bother with Prozdor? Here’s why.

    Where else can you

    • Create videos, podcasts, blogs, and playlists for the Haifa-Boston Youth Radio Project
    • Spend a double-period with talented Jewish artists in an intensive art studio
    • Learn about community organizing and social justice with an experienced social worker and graduate of the Jewish Organizing Initi...
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