February 8, 2016 / 29th of Shvat, 5776
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Tiferet Center of Temple Israel: A Place for Jewish Spirituality, Wellness & Healing

Shoshana Cetlin, Coordinator (781) 784-3986

The Tiferet Center of Temple Israel is a community resource dedicated to offering programs related to Jewish spirituality, wellness and healing. Finding creative avenues to nourish the Jewish soul is at the heart of its mission. Relevant classes and workshops integrating Jewish wisdom using different modalities are offered, such as: text study, nutrition, movement (fitness, yoga, qi gong), creative art (visual and writing), nature and spirituality, healing prayer services, music, meditation, Chesed Reiki, workshops for chronic illness/cancer, as well as caregivers and aging to sage-ing.

A CJP innovation and engagement grant award is helping to cultivate the center. Professionals interested in the creative integration of Judaism with wellness and healing are welcome to contact us to discuss new program ideas.

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  • One meaning of Tiferet is attunement - that place of inner balance, beauty and peacefulness.   So this year, stay attuned, enhance your Jewish spirituality, wellness and healing and connect with a welcoming community open to all by participating in an exciting selection of classes and events. To register, please click on: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RXLTX2L. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Events take place at Temple Israel of Sharon, 125 Pond Street, Sharon, M...

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  • Mark your calendars and sign up now.  
    Some classes have limited enrollment and require pre-registration.

    *     Sundays, October 16, 30 & November 13, 12:50-2:50 pm: Creative writing seminar, taught by Nina Schneider.
     Write about your own Jewish journey. For beginner to intermediate writers.  $30 TI members & $45 non members. Class size limited to 12.  RSVP with your phone and address  tiferetti@gmail.com to Susan Cetlin or Judi Elkin;

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  • by Susan Cetlin

    created at: 2011-03-30

    Creating different Jewish pathways for Tiferet  תפארת - the Jewish mystical concept of beauty, balance, integration and compassion - has been the focus of my job as the volunteer coordinator of Temple Israel of Sharon's new center for Jewish wellness and healing.   Our vision for the Tiferet Center is to become a Boston hub for Jewish wellness and healing classes, experiences and resources.

    Many people have asked why there is the Hebrew letter &nb...

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  • Marjie Bernard,  Presenter of Aleph Tree Yoga and participant in Taste of Tiferet Shabbat,  Qi Gong with Debbie Stringham, Jewish Meditation with Seth Castleman, Rabbi Yitzi Weiner's classes, Rabbi Raphaela Greenstein’s aging to sageing and willing reciever of Reiki healing with Lee Aven and Susie Rosenwasser. 

    created at: 2011-03-20

    In Sanskrit, the word Yoga means to unite or to thread together.  Yoga is therefore a means to use the breath to connect the mind...

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    Laura Rosenspan: Judaic Arts Classes 

      created at: 2011-03-20

    In all my Judaic Arts classes, my goal has not only been to teach and share with others how to make items for their homes of lasting beauty but also to inspire the participants to, in turn, teach and share with their children, grandchildren, sisters and friends.  I am constantly reminded of the importance of the idea of "L'dor v'dor"  handing down from generation to generat...

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  • In Beginnings, 4 part series for couples becoming Jewish parents, Rabbi Barry Starr and I will be bringing pregnant and new parents together as they begin their journeys of giving birth and parenting.   The series which starts on Sunday April 3 at 11 am will include time for discussion, connection and learning. It is open to the whole community and interfaith couples are welcome.

    Rabbi Starr is the spiritual leader of Temple Israel of Sharon, the la...

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  • Nina Schneider: Memoir Writing Series


    created at: 2011-03-16
    Memoir:  Jewish Life Stories  brought together a small group of aspiring writers in a safe, intimate atmosphere.  We met in quiet classroom in the rear of the Hebrew School where students were first given a writing prompt beginning with “I remember.”  They were asked to free write about any Jewish family event, such as a Seder or bar/bat mitzvah, that involved food (everybody could identify) and where ...
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    created at: 2011-03-20

    Rabbi Yitzi Weiner: "How to Eliminate Negative Feelings From Your Self or Others"  

    The Talmud emphasizes the importance of developing the quality of Anava- loosely translated as humility. What Anava means is to internalize that you are not an Adon- a Lord or Superior.  Therefore, when humble, we realize that we aren’t gods and things don’t have to work the way we want. When we expect things to work out and they don’t, it c...

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  • Jay Michaelson: Presenter for Upcoming Workshop: "What is Tiferet? Kabbalah and the Spirituality of Integration" on April 3.

    The center of the tree of the sefirot is tiferet -- beauty and harmony. It sits as the synthesis of two other sefirot, hesed (lovingkindness) and gevurah (judgment and boundary).

    I sometimes express the dynamic relationship between hesed and gevurah in terms of human relationship. We might suppose that all we want in the world is more hesed, more lovingkind...

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    Raphaella Frielich,  participant in Jewish Food Choice Series with Jeff Spitzer, Outer Beauty & Inner Values with Rabbi Weiner, & Healing  Service with Rabbi Leslie Gordon I have attended a few Tiferet Center sessions and have been impressed with each one! At Jeff Spitzer's interactive study session, we discussed our beliefs on environmentalism and laws of kashrut. He got us to think about our food choices in new ways and I've ...

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