February 11, 2016 / 2nd of Adar, 5776
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CJP's PresenTense Boston Fellowship unites young Jewish innovators in their 20s and 30s who are on the cutting edge of creativity: informal educators and community organizers, nonprofit managers and environmental activists, programmers and artists, biotech visionaries and Israeli advocates.

In a five-month program based in Boston, the PresenTense Boston Fellows are provided with the tools and connections to turn their envisioned projects into reality. The program includes skill-building sessions and intensive seminars to teach core entrepreneurial skills and proficiencies, mentorships from professional and lay leaders in the field, and coaching and peer workshops.

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  • Top reasons you should join me at CJP’s PresenTense Launch Night tomorrow…

    CJP PresenTense Boston Fellowship Launch Night Social Entrepreneur

    1) Be a part of something exciting: An incredible group of young social entrepreneurs is launching new ventures that will change the face of the Boston Jewish community and beyond. You have to meet them now so you can say you knew them when.


    2) Network with great people: Not only are the fellows great people, but also the key people in the community who care about innovation, new bus...

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  • Call it coincidence, but almost every time I meet someone, Judaism comes up in conversation. I realize this may be because of my career, but it’s also because Judaism is a huge part of my life. Many of my peers and colleagues talk about the difficulties that the Jewish partner in an interfaith relationship has explaining to his/her significant other why Judaism is so important. I am married to a Jewish man, and I too can have trouble explaining why Judaism is so important to me. To me, Juda...

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  •  created at: 2010-11-09
    Are you a young Jewish innovator with an idea to change the world but don't know where to start? Start here.

    CJP's PresenTense Boston Fellowship is a five-month program (Jan - June 2012) based in Boston that enables young Jewish social innovators to turn their envisioned projects into reality. We're looking for entrepreneurs (launching a new venture) andintrapreneurs&nbs...
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  • created at: 2011-11-02When I grow up, I want to be an architect.

    Oh yeah, well I want to be a doctor.

    No way…. I want to be RICH.

    Yeah, well I’m going to be a stock broker.

    Remember those days, conversations held on bus rides and over lunch in the middle school cafeteria?  In those days, anything was possible, and your life lay ahead of you.

    Not many people, though, would have said something like “I want to be a Jewish communal professional.”  In fact, if you aske...

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  • Venturing Out is a response to two critical problems – and an opportunity. First, people coming out of prison struggle to find jobs because employers are dissuaded by criminal records. Second, unemployment is one of the leading reasons for reoffending. However, people in prison have higher than average entrepreneurial aptitude.

    I came to the realization that if we could teach people in prison how to start their own businesses, we could enable them to become economically self-sufficient &nd...

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  • You know how some people always dream about being their own boss and running their own business? I’m not one of those people. I enjoy collaborating and working in teams and find it difficult to picture myself holed up in my basement trying to get a fledging business off the ground. I like fast-paced excitement sprinkled with a generous portion of drama and couldn’t conceive of how starting a business would work with my strengths (and neurosis…)

    So, perhaps you’re saying,...

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  • It’s a given that networking can get you places. But until last week I hadn’t realized that networking could take me from Newton to North Carolina in less than one week. CJP's PresenTense Boston Fellowship has been encouraging me to get out there with my fledgling venture, The Jewish Teacher Corps, and network as much as possible. I have, and here’s what happened.

    created at: 2011-03-30

    Last month I attended an event that CJP organized in partnership with JESNA - a community c...

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  • Some days, there is nothing that I want to do with this business (bills, ick.). And some days, there's nothing I can do (cause you know, everything that needs to be done requires something from someone else, or skills that I don't yet have). But mostly my days are filled with creative, energetic people who want to help turn Homegrown Judaica into a success story. I find enthusiastic offers of help all over the place. And that's Awesome. With a capital A. 

    In the past week...

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  • This Purim we should remember the saying of the great Polish sage Rabbi AmiChai Dubowduboski, or as his students called him, Reb Adubdub, who taught, “He who laughs at what is seen laughs loudly. He who laughs at what is unseen laughs so loudly that milk will flow from your nose like the waterfalls of the Galilee.” You must remember that his town Polmeyfingur was the largest producer of goat’s milk of the time.

    created at: 2011-03-18 





    Archive phot...

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  • created at: 2011-03-08            created at: 2011-03-08            created at: 2011-03-08

    Do you remember what it was like to sit at your desk in school, looking at the back of the head of the kid in front of you and daydreaming while the teacher droned on and on?  How about cramming for a test, memorizing facts that you were reading the night before for the first time?  Remember listening to a lecture about ear...

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