February 10, 2016 / 1st of Adar, 5776
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The Boston-Haifa Connection has been changing lives and opening hearts since it was established by Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the City of Haifa in 1989. The Connection builds “living bridges” between the sister cities and strengthens the social fabric of both societies.

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  • Yael Mark is one of Boston-Haifa Connection’s 2015-2016 Shinshinim Young Ambassadors from Israel. Yael grew up in Haifa and graduated in 2015 from the Leo Baeck High School. She is spending a year of service living and volunteering in the Greater Boston community before returning to Israel in June to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

    “Ohh, I don’t like guns”
    By Yael Mark

    Well, it might seem strange, to open a blogpost with this quote. This quote is...

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  • The Russian speaking Jewish community fears that the next generation will lose its connection to Jewish values and the Jewish people. Oranim brought together educators and volunteers from Boston and Haifa to address this concern.

    The Israel Seminar for Russian speaking Jewish educators and volunteers from Boston and Haifa was a transformative experience for participants. Facilitated by the Oranim International School in May 2015, the seminar created meaningful professional d...

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    BHC Educators' Mifgash-  June 5, 2015


    Dear BHC friends,

    Our Elementary Educators' Mifgash formally concluded yesterday in Haifa. All of our educators and staff have been affected by the power of this face to face encounter that we have all shared. Through our intense collaborative week, we strongly believe that this is the beginning of a deeper connection between our partnerships...a ripple effect that will also touch our students and fam...

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  • Our 9th blog entry was written by Rabbi Sharon Clevenger, Middle School Rabbi of the Rashi School in Dedham, MA. Rabbi Clevenger has been coordinating the Rashi-Leo Baeck partnership for 6 years, with different partners at the onset.  Every year she directs her energies to working closely with her partners, Ayelet and Zivit from Leo Baeck, in order to continually improve upon the Mifgash experience. This is a great example of how a partnership enables true friendship to grow among the p...

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  • Our next blog entry was co-written by Pam Weil and Sary Regev.  They are both serving on the BHC / HBC Jewish Education and Identity committee- Pam in Boston and Sary in Haifa. We were blessed to have them both with us as active Lay Leaders during our Mifgash.  Their note brings us back to last week in Jerusalem- a very special time and place for our shared group experience.


    Reminiscing about the Power of being TOGETHER.


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  • BHC Elementary Educators' Mifgash - June 2, 2015

    This blog entry was written by Leann Shamash (Educational Director) and Waky (Synagogue Educator) from Congregation Beth Elohim in Acton.  This is the first year of their exciting partnership!  Both sites have been very creative in their approach to the partnership, using technology (videos) as a way to share their lives and Jewish identity. After this week we are certain that their partnership will deepen even f...

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  • BHC Elementary Educators Mifgash- Monday, June 1

    Our next Mifgash Blog entry was written by Ilana Snapstailer, the Executive Director of Kesher Newton.  Although Ilana is not new to the city of Haifa, she is new to our partnerships.  The Kesher - Ehud partnership is an emerging partnership.  Ilana and her Ehud partners, Sofia and Sara, have spent many hours together this week, in Haifa and Jerusalem, and are creating both a strong friendship and an interesting joi...

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  • BHC Elementary Educators Mifgash - Sunday, May 31, 2015

    The following blog was written by Rabbi Amy Bardack, School Rabbi of Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston.  Amy is new to her role of coordinating the BHC School to School partnerships with the Reali Ahuza School.  She is excited to meet her Haifa partners face to face and form strong bonds with them.

    Today we spent the day encountering various communities in Tel Aviv.  We bega...

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  • BHC Elementary Educators' Mifgash - May 29th/30th (Shabbat Naso)

    This blog entry was written by Aviva Scheur, Religious School Director of Temple Beth David (TBD) Westwood.  This is the second year of the TBD-Nofim partnership, and the first year that Aviva is involved at TBD.  Aviva brings a lot of experience to partnership work, previously guiding the Gann-Ironi Heh partnership, and she is excited about the potential of this partnership for her community. 

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  • BHC Elementary Educators Mifgash - Friday, May 28, 2015

    The following blog was written by Ilene Beckman, Director of Temple Emanuel's Religious School, and Yona Rosenman, 5th grade Educator. Temple Emanuel and Zichron Yosef have been collaborating for 6 years, and their partnership is an integral part of the 5th grade curriculum.  Both teams plan throughout the summer to continue to infuse new themes and resources into their learning.  They have also broaden...

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