February 6, 2016 / 27th of Shvat, 5776
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Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly builds and manages exceptional housing in Greater Boston for low and moderate income seniors of all backgrounds. Our buildings offer 1,500 residents independent living within a vibrant community. JCHE is nationally recognized for the distinctiveness and excellence of our communities. Our housing is enriched by supportive services and life-enhancing programs that offer residents a wellness approach to daily life including: fitness facilities and instruction; accessible transportation; meaningful volunteer placements; computer centers; and creative learning, social and cultural opportunities. Our bi-lingual resident service coordinators and 24/7 on-site staff offer invaluable assistance. And if additional help is needed to manage everyday challenges, residents have access to in-home services that continue to foster independent living.

Three of JCHE’s buildings – Ulin House, Leventhal House and Genesis House – are located on one site in Brighton. Golda Meir House and Coleman House are each located in Newton. Morton and Etta Shillman House on the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus is located in Framingham.

Our housing is financed by state and federal programs, and through gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Private contributions make it possible for JCHE to go beyond bricks and mortar and offer housing that is so much more than a place to live!

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  • Once a week, members of Combined Jewish Philanthropies' Women's Philanthropy group gather with seniors who live at Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly's Shillman House. Like the sewing bees of earlier generations, this is an opportunity to do some handiwork together while enjoying one another's company. This group makes Feelie Hearts, which are small red hearts that come with a message of support. Usually they are distributed to medical students who are working hard to learn to care for othe...

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  • This weekend, Francine Godfrey, Director of Fitness and Wellness at JCHE, was awarded AJAS 2013 Humanitarian Award. Here are her remarks upon receiving this prestigious award.

    This is not only an honor for me, I feel very proud that it honors the Dnepropetrovsk Kehilla Project (DKP) - which for me is a very personal and organic part of my professional and personal development. Many of you know of the national effort beginning in 1992 to link American Jewish communities with Jewish communities in...

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  • Last night I unpacked my Passover dishes (and silverware, cups, pots, etc.).  It was both a joyous moment—like seeing old friends again—and one of exhaustion, coming necessarily after the whole cleaning out of the cabinets thing.  But as I wash them off and put them away, I can’t help but feel fresh, clean and renewed.

    Passover is a lot of work which yields a lot of spiritual reward.  In going through the preparation process this year, I thought:

    1.   ...

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  • Coleman House residents and 19 students from the Diller Teen Group from Haifa, Israel, filled the multi-purpose room on Tuesday for a pre-passover seder lunch.  The teen group are guests of the JCC.  They led the residents in prayer, song, and great conversation.  Coleman House tenants loved meeting the group and were honored to spend  time with them. 

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  • JCHE President/CEO Amy Schectman attended the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS) Conference this past week in Florida and shares the message from a powerful keynote speech.


    Rabbi Brad Hirschfield was the keynote speaker at the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS) Conference. He gave a very powerful exoneration to members to continue the crucial work we’re doing—not only for the people we serve, but for the very dignity of the Jewish people.  After all, he...

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  • We have just finished celebrating the holiday of Purim. There’s a saying that all Jewish holidays come down to this: “they tried to kill us, they failed, now let’s eat” and Purim fits well within that characterization. Purim commemorates the foiling of a plot by a wicked adviser to the Persian King Ahasuerus to exterminate the Jews of the kingdom. And of course we eat!

    There are some specific elements of Purim that are worthy of note. As with most Jewish holidays, we spen...

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  • Kudos to the Boston Globe for reporting on a study by Wider Opportunities for Women and UMASS/Boston that showed that “the elderly in Massachusetts struggle with the nation’s largest shortfall between income and costs, with the age group’s median income covering only about 60 percent of basic living expenses here. In Massachusetts, for example, the median income of retired residents 65 or older is just under $17,000. It falls more than $10,000 short of what the study estimates i...

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  • Jean Cohen is feeling really good these days. While she has long loved her beautiful Coleman House apartment, it is looking particularly warm and inviting right now. Jean was recently hospitalized for a heart condition. She has only recently returned from four months in the hospital and rehab.[nbsp] These were tough months. It wasn’t clear that Jean would return to Coleman.

    But Jean has remarkable determination. She wanted to return to all that she loves at Coleman – her friends, act...

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  • Yesterday Shillman House held its first Latke Throw Down, which will no doubt become an annual holiday highlight. Dining Services Director Dave Seltzer and Resident Service Coordinator Jennifer Miller went head to head (more like spud to spud) in a fun-filled competition.

    The 40 Shillman House residents, who served as the official judges, compared a flourless, pureed recipe (David's) to Jen's flour and hand-grated version. The latkes were passed around on different color plates so that judges ...

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  • So last night we began the 8-night process of celebrating the liberation of Israel from the Assyrian occupation and the triumph of courage to challenge those who would limit personal and religious freedoms.  There are so many ways to connect that to what we do at JCHE—from the obvious recognition that without JCHE, many of our residents would lack a place to live securely and with dignity—to the more subtle connection between the physical liberation of the Hanukah story with the ...

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