May 29, 2015 / 11th of Sivan, 5775
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Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston

JCRC promotes a society that reflects the best of American and Jewish values—in Greater Boston, Israel and around the world—by convening and mobilizing the Jewish community.

Through advocacy, organizing, service and partnerships, JCRC pursues social justice, ensures a vibrant Jewish community, and builds a network of support for Israel.

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  • Anyone who has traveled in or out of Boston on the Pike has undoubtedly seen the Stop Handgun Violence billboard near Fenway Park that records and tallies daily American gun deaths since the 2012 Newtown shootings.

    Earlier this week, the number on the iconic billboard surpassed 75,000 (an estimate based on an average 83 gun deaths per day). That is 75,000 Americans killed by guns in just 29 months.

    As I reflected on the severity of this horrible ‘milestone,’ my thought...

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  • As the details of the State Budget are being debated on Beacon Hill, I am reminded that it is often said that laws are like sausages: it is better not to see them being made. I disagree – and not just because I am a vegetarian or because there is an inference that both are made from pork! In fact, to stretch this analogy a bit further, at JCRC we believe that you should not only see laws being made, but you should be one of the "cooks."

    As JCRC prepares its recipe for public po...

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  • This week we commemorated Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Though the event was widely covered in the local press, not included in that coverage was a private moment I’d like to share with you; one that’s stayed with me all week.

    After the public ceremony at Faneuil Hall and the New England Holocaust Memorial, our keynote speaker, David Eisenhower, historian and grandson of General Dwight Eisenhower, joined a small lunch to thank some of the donors and volunteers who m...

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  • Those of you who follow me on social media know that over the past week I had the pleasure of attending Passover sedarim hosted by three of our member organizations; AJC, ADL and the Jewish Labor Committee. I Facebooked, Instragrammed and Tweeted from each of them but since many folks aren’t on those platforms, I decided to write about the experience as well.

    Here’s a taste of what I wrote:

    Excerpted from

    Each haggadah took the traditional 10 p...

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  • During last year’s gubernatorial campaign, Governor Charlie Baker - along with other serious candidates for Governor - met with JCRC to discuss the priorities of the organized Jewish community.  Yesterday, over 50 leaders from across our network welcomed him back to congratulate him on his victory and to take an important step toward establishing a deep and broad relationship between him, his administration, and our community.

    Over the course of an hour, the Governor ...

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  • I’ve been sharing quite a bit of analysis of Israel’s elections this week.  What I haven’t been sharing are the notes in my inbox and the calls I’ve received from members of the pro-Israel Jewish community here in Boston. 

    Many of you are applauding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s victory; others are distressed by the direction Israel appears to be taking.  Some of you express your deep commitment to respecting Israel’s democratic process and suppo...

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  • OK. Polls are closed and we can start offering some thoughts based on an aggregate of exits polls. Important to emphasize that final vote tally (actual results here) isn't announced till Thursday and given how close some of this is, those numbers, if they push one or another party up/down a seat, could be key in determining who gets invited to form the next government of Israel.

    With that said, some initial thoughts:

    The traditional big parties (Labor and Likud) won. Each is r...

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  • Closing Comments from Jeremy Burton at Community Gathering in Support of French Jewry Held Wednesday, January 14th at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, MA.

    We thank Temple Beth Elohim for welcoming us into their home as we gather to mourn the 17 victims last week and to stand in solidarity with the French Jewish community and all of Europe’s Jews.

    We have been reminded eloquently tonight that we came here to say #JeSuisJuif, and also #JeSuisAhmed, #JeSuisCharlie.

    We have been remin...

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  • There are some in the American Jewish community who are arguing that tomorrow (Tuesday July 15th, also the Fast of 17th Tammuz) should be a day for us to withdraw from social media. They argue that, with all the unhelpful public discourse about Israel in this crisis, we should take a day to withdraw from social media and not engage - even as Israel is under fire.

    I agree that there is a serious problem with the social media conversation about Israel.  Silence is not the answer. Our respon...

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  • Waking up this morning to two news alerts, both of which should trouble and concern anyone with any ounce of human decency: the continued barrage of rockets that have millions of Israelis hiding in shelters, and over 60 Palestinians dead in Gaza as Israel responds against terrorist operations.

    For those of us who love and cherish life, we must grieve the loss of every innocent life. We must reiterate that while surely Israel could choose to not respond to this blistering terror assault, no civ...

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