February 12, 2016 / 3rd of Adar, 5776
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Since 1982, Adoption Choices, a non-profit, licensed adoption program, has been providing Massachusetts families with comprehensive adoption services. Our program is designed to meet the needs of the adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted persons by providing a wide range of educational and counseling services. Adoption Choices provides home study services, support and educational programs for waiting families, and traditional agency and parent-identified adoptions with a wide range of openness. We welcome couples and single individuals of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles.

Our comprehensive Adoption Services Include:
- Free Individual Consultations
- Pre-adoption Planning
- Adoption Home Studies
- Domestic and International Adoptions
- On-going Support and Education Services
- Child Placement Services
- Post-Placement Supervision and Legal Finalization
- Family Life Education Groups for Adoptive Parents
- Adoption Advocacy

You can choose from many types of adoption:
- Traditional Adoptions
- Parent Identified Adoptions
- Open Adoptions
- International Adoptions

We’re here to clarify the advantages and issues involved in each choice, and to help you decide which options meet your needs and interests.

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  • With Father's Day quickly approaching, we want to celebrate all the dads out there that are parenting on their own, by choice.

    In their story, GMA: More Men Adopting Children AloneGood Morning America explores some of the joys and challenges men experience when embarking on single fatherhood.

    Adoption Choices, MassachusettsIf you have questions about single parent adoption, Adoption Choices can hel...

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  • Adoption Choices and JFS of Metrowest are pleased to offer financial aid to qualified adoptive parents, couples and families through the Fran Goss Adoption Fund. The Fund provides fee reduction assistance to families of modest means who would otherwise be unable to adopt.

    Those interested in adopting and would like to apply for financial aid may start the process by contacting Adoption Choices and speaking with the program’s Coordinator, Dale Eldridge, LICSW, BCD. The init...

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  • Adoption Choices Adoption Agency in MassachusettsFor over thirty years, Adoption Choices, a program of Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, has been helping birth and adoptive parents understand their options so they can make informed decisions that best meet their needs. Adoption Choices is a licensed, non-profit program that provides a wide range of adoption services to individuals, couples and families throughout Massachusetts.

    Join us on Facebook to get news and information about adoption –


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  • Dale Eldridge of Adoption Choices shares her insights at Resolve New England's blog on what Russia's adoption ban means for prospective parents. Well written Dale!

    Understanding the Russian Ban on Adoptions by Americans



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  • We have some exciting news! Raquel Woodard (Adoption Choices social worker) has just been named an "Angel of Adoption" and a beautiful article was published August 30th in the Metrowest Daily News.

    It is one of those ever so rare opportunities to have the light shine on a magnificent career and the program, too.

    Congratulations Raquel!!

    Read what the Metrowest Daily News had to say.

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  • I’ll be speaking with some prospective adoptive parents tonight.  There are several of us “old-timers” who speak periodically to a group of waiting parents at Adoption Choices.  Although it’s been 15 years since I was part of that group, when I look out in the audience, I still recognize myself.  I’m the woman with the smile and the slightly sad eyes listening very politely but not saying a word.  I see M in most of the men – barely listenin...

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  • Thirteen is better than three.  I know I’m in the minority here but I’m sorry, it’s true.

    While trying to weather K’s three year old tantrums, I was terrified of thirteen.  The nastiness, the sullenness.  If I thought three was hard, how could I possibly survive thirteen?

    We’re nine months in at this point and we’re doing okay.  Don’t get me wrong.  As my dad used to say, “It’s not all steak and ice cream.”&nbs...

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  • THE CALL:  “Hello A.., this is Lauren from school” said the somewhat serious voice on the other end of the phone.  “Yes,” I reluctantly responded knowing that nothing good can come of a mid-day call from pre-school.  Either someone was sick, got hurt or got in big trouble at school……..my gut tells me that it is the latter.  Well, my intuition was right………for the third week in a row, Bruiser has had a difficult week at ...

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  • While talking to some college students recently, I recalled the challenges I had in bonding with my youngest daughter when she was a newborn. I can smile about it now as she snuggles into me, a bit under the weather, and falls asleep on my lap as I sit in my computer chair trying to type one-handed. Some days I feel so attached to her that my body aches as I wait to see her smile, and call me “mama” at preschool pick up time. It amazes me that I once felt so detached from her. I felt ...

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  • I read a post the other day from  a blog called  A Diary of a Mom written by a woman named Jess.  Jess is the mom of two young girls, one of whom has autism.  All her posts are full of eloquence, passion, and great writing but this one on her “village” is my latest favorite.  She writes of her night away with friends: “To unabashedly be nothing but who we are – warts and all – in the company of others who are doing the same is something far t...

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