created at: 2011-03-16My congregation is having a big Purim Party on Sunday. They will need about 300 hamantaschen and I am bringing enough dough to make 2/3 of them. So are two other women who bake regularly for the congregation. So we will have 6/3 of the cookies we need. This is not news, we are Jewish. No, what is news is that I just perused the web to see what my fellow Jewesses have been up to in the hamantaschen department, and I believe I have something new to contribute.

My congregation, Etz Chayim, had a hamantaschen bake-off in 2003, and my cookies won. They were so good, one dad called them “heroin hamantaschen,” because they were so addictive, he could not stop eating them. I can’t blame him. They have two of the best flavors in the world in one bite—the cookie is a rich butter cookie and the filling is chocolate ganache. Alice Medrich created the recipe, which was printed in her book A Year in Chocolate.

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